EPNS Project Updates

  • Development: Alpha Homora channel QA passed, next step to move the channel to production. Presented a demo for governance proposal notification to Uniswap team 🦄 and starting work on new notif use case.
  • Development: EPNS browser extension in development 🪄
  • Development: Allowing delegating wallets to send notifications live on staging.
  • Development: Back-end SDK finishing QA and fine tuning. Going LIVE very soon!
  • Development: UI/UX update to display APR on incentives website now live.
  • Development: Support for IPFS pinning 🧷 of notification payloads in QA.
  • Development: Lots of protocol updates! Protocol final feature set in the works. Settings for channel, rework of indirect subscribe and more.
  • Featured By: EPNS feature in TheDailyGwei by Anthony Sassano, our co-founder will be speaking at Arab EmTech & Startups Conference next week.
  • Rockstars Of EPNS NFT Contest: We ran a community contest to predict the upcoming APR and have a chance to win a cool NFT and 2,400 $PUSH. Who would be the lucky winner? Announcement next week!
  • Community: Meet our 7th ROCKSTAR Community NFT drop winner!
  • Rockstars Of Ethereum: Get ready for the next #RockstarsOfEthereum episode coming this Sunday, featuring Sandeep Nailwal, co-founder of 0xPolygon.

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