Updates, Recap, and More on the Fusible Testnet Program

Samson Dogo
3 min readApr 27, 2021

The Fusible community’s beta test process began on Testnet on April 3, 2021, as announced on April 1, 2021. The overwhelming response to the Testnet listing demonstrates how well the innovative pricing protocol has been received by the NFT group. Fusible chose about 300 members of the Answers group to learn about the Fusible platform and troubleshoot issues before the mainnet launched

Fusible gave out $25–250 in $FUSII tokens to test, find fatal bugs, and enhance the Fusible user experience as a thank you for their contributions.

After looking closely at the feedback they received some valuable information and can say that Fuse has really improved and more than at the beginning of our closed beta testing program.

Improvements made
The need to play games with the user interface to ensure that the users have a seamless experience on the platform is vital. One of the most important comments received from the community was the need to include a Discovery feed. During the three-week trial period, they implemented methods that allow users to track all of the available NFTs on the platform and filter them by category to make it easier for users to discover NFTs.
One of the recurring feedback from the community has been improving compatibility with mobile dApp browsers and ensuring that the mobile version of Metamask correctly interacts with our platform.

After three weeks of hard work, excited to announce expanded support for the mobile platform, which enables seamless integration with dApp mobile browsers such as Metamask Mobile.
They have also found areas where user interface can be improved and the team is constantly working to ensure that they provide everyone with the best possible user experience on the platform.

Change of strategy
Originally Fusible didn’t have an NFT printing solution in Fusible. They wanted efforts to really focus on USP-NFT pricing. However, Testnet pointed out that there aren’t many alternatives in the BSC ecosystem to issue BEP-721 tokens.

In an extensive discussion with members of the Fusible community, there was a strong demand for an NFT printing solution on the platform. Fusible are very excited to please the community as they will continue to do so.
Users can now use the platform to issue BEP-721 tokens and list them on the platform to take full advantage of Fusible revolutionary pricing protocol. With Fuse, the creators and owners of the NFT are no longer hostages to an archaic auction-based pricing model.

By splitting up and using Fuse and AMM as a uniswap for a curve-based pricing model, developers no longer have to be satisfied with the highest available supply in a short period of time or wait indefinitely until liquidity meets demand.

Fusible is always open to community feedback and strive to provide users with the best experience possible. If you are an aspiring artist or collector of NFT, they will help make your hobby/profession easier than ever.