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2 min readMay 24, 2021


Innovative developments need more ground to open up

ARTH v2 protocol recently completed full smart contract development, interface development, and audits. However, when they applied it for internal testing, they found that there were application bugs that needed to be fixed.

It won’t take long to complete the last full inspection and complete this sprint. However, we are also unable to set a date until development and audits are complete.

Mistakes are inevitable. And the team needs to take the time to handle and close them properly.

During this time, it is best that the community be patience. To do something really big, the important thing is not to miss this opportunity because something small can be fixed.

Exciting behind-the-scenes updates

Most of the community members are aware of what’s behind the scenes, and MahaDao want to share some of the great things happening publicly on the various channels.

However, it is important to announce these updates at the right time. Early implementation will be a waste of effort for community building and integration.

Here are some cool updates that happen behind the scenes without revealing any spoilers.

May Bonanza: May will be the busiest month with the launch of the updated protocol for ARTH v2. Maha have partnered with major marketing companies and will soon see some promotions on Discord / Telegram / Twitter.

Incubation: As part of a long-term strategy, three different projects are incubated using ARTH as a means of payment. Two of these are related to NFT. MAHA token holders receive special allocations for these projects.

An outstanding partnership: Maha recently partnered with one of the top 20 projects. However, they limit themselves to publicizing them to make sure they are implementing them strategically at the right time.

Other Products: Immediately after the ARTH v2 launch, there are at least two more products in the studies. The purpose of these products is to further benefit the ARTH token and help ARTH approach 1 billion TLV.

More Economists: Maha recently recruited leading economists to join the team to help further develop the idea of ​​a new type of stablecoin with inflation and black swan evidence.

Team Expansion: Maha are aggressively expanding the team to meet the needs of the project and the community. This includes community managers, developers, marketers, and economists.

More Community Participation: Maha will be running a variety of sticker and meme competitions soon. Conduct AMAs live with the team, hold meetings at the clubhouse, etc. To connect a little more to the community with the team.

It’s fair to say that this can be a lot to digest. However, this just shows that the project has just started.



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