UniLend’s permissionless lending and borrowing protocol is reshaping the future of DeFi

  • UniLend’s permissionless infrastructure will let users to create new pools with any mix of tokens, on-chain oracles, and custom pool settings such as liquidation thresholds, loan-to-value ratios, and interest rate curves via an easy user interface.
  • UniLend v2 provides dual asset pools, which are analogous to the UniSwap liquidity concept. Dual asset pools keep tokens in one pool from being affected by price and liquidity movements in other pools.
  • Tokenization of lending/borrowing positions into debt nonfungible tokens (NFTs) allows users to trade their lending/borrowing holdings on open marketplaces.
  • On-chain price feed: To identify asset position, the protocol has constructed a proof mechanism to get the price feed from on-chain market data.
  • Suryansh Kumar, the protocol’s chief technical officer and founder, claims that the protocol has used high gas optimization methodologies to make UniLend Finance’s fundamental lending and borrowing functions financially feasible.
  • UniLend’s v1 lending and flash loans version has been audited by Certik, a major smart contract auditor.



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Samson Dogo

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