UniLend’s Ecosystem Grows: CyberFi Is the Next Project to Profit from UniLend’s Flash Loans and Staking

CyberFi’s decentralized project offers two distinct services:

  1. DApps in the decentralized finance space will benefit from automation tools.
  2. A crypto IDO launchpad.

CyberFi’s automation tools are extremely useful because they provide users with access to certain tools that they are familiar with on CEXes but are not accessible on other DEXes. Samurai is CyberFi’s launchpad service that aids in the launch of IDOs.

After months of collaboration with UniLend, CyberFi is expanding its partnership by adding its staking software to the Unilend Finance platform As an added bonus, projects that IDO on CyberFi now have access to flash loans and staking features on Unilend Platform. Working with CyberFi could help UniLend’s Flash Loans protocol and lending market gain a lot of liquidity and utility.

Continuing Collaboration

UniLend began working with CyberFi a few months ago, and the partnership has become stronger and more strategic over time. They aim to incorporate Unilend protocol even further in the future.

UniLend will soon begin offering flash loans and staking for CyberFi’s token. Stakers of CyberFi’s CFi tokens will be able to earn CFi tokens by staking their tokens on UniLend’s staking protocol. UniLend’s code just passed a comprehensive Certik audit, adding an extra layer of protection for all.

All CFi tokens staked on UniLend will be deposited into UniLend’s liquidity pools, which are linked to the Flash Loans protocol and provide liquidity to anyone who uses them. As a result, by allowing the CFi group to stake on UniLend, they will be provided with a lot more liquidity to the Flash Loans protocol. Along with the fees provided by the use of Flash Loans, CFi stakers will receive rewards from Unilend staking rewards pool.

To sweeten the deal, Unilend is hosting a slew of activities centered on their partnership with CyberFi.

Staking on UniLend

Staking on UniLend is easy, but users should do their homework before getting started. As always, those considering financial decisions should do their analysis. If you’re interested in learning more about how staking works and how to do it on UniLend, check out our in-depth written or video guide.

The key measures for those interested in investing in UniLend are as follows:

  • Visiting UniLend’s official staking interface
  • From the four buttons on the top (Lend, Redeem, Reward and Airdrop), simply use the Lend button to stake your tokens and the redeem button to remove them from the staking pool.

Never use the Reward & Airdrop buttons by mistake, as they will take all of your tokens and distribute them to the community.

Strategically Empowering Ecosystems

UniLend is collaborating with several fantastic ventures to build mutually beneficial partnerships. The partnership with CyberFi, in particular, demonstrates the importance of strategic partnerships in this industry.

UniLend, like CyberFi, has a great working relationship with all of the other projects in the Unilend ecosystem.

About Unilend Finance

UniLend is a permission-less decentralized protocol that combines spot trading services and money markets with lending and borrowing services through smart contracts.