UniLend is a decentralized, permissionless protocol that combines spot trading services and money markets with credit and services through smart contracts.

UniLend Initium V1 (the Alpha) is released so that the entire Unilend community and anyone else interested can test it.

They have released a Community Alpha test form for anyone who wants to receive test tokens to test the Initium V1.

Limited Alpha was launched with great success, and some community members have tested the platform with great enthusiasm.

The limited-edition UniLend Alpha Initium V1 was very successful, and most of the selected participants were enthusiastic. UniLend Alpha Initium V1 is now open to all UniLend community members and the wider DeFi community who want to try the revolutionary platform for themselves.

Alpha testing is an excellent way for the community to get directly involved with the project, clear up confusion, and suggest additional features/functionality. By testing the Alpha Protocol, the community can also upgrade to the first version of the platform and experience the excellent efficiency of UniLend for themselves.


Several announcements and community articles were made on how Alpha works and its features, and its value. There is also a guide available to the community to explain how Alpha works.

Many Crypto YouTubers tested the UniLend Alpha platform. They showed the world what it looks like, some of its features, how it works, and action. Being able to really try it out for yourself is an entirely different experience from hearing about what UniLend can offer and how it works by reading about it. With Alpha Initium open, users can apply to the platform and use all the features that are actually available to them. By testing the platform first-hand, users can see the true potential of UniLend and enjoy how it will evolve in the future.


One of the main goals of alpha testing is to enable the first enthusiasts to test the platform. This is an excellent opportunity for dedicated followers to visually see how the platform works and directly help develop the protocol.

The Alpha testing is also invaluable to the UniLend team. The team can understand the platform from the user’s perspective and work on any UX / UI enhancements highlighted by the community. UniLend’s success is ultimately determined by their community. That’s why they want to make sure they give every member of the community a voice as they continue to develop their groundbreaking protocol.

Any bugs found were fixed immediately after texting, which definitely increased the platform’s usability and performance. With the opening of Alpha, many more users can now test the platform and see how it works.


The creation of the UniLend Initium protocol was a huge step in realizing the true potential of DeFi.

The Alpha Protocol is now ready for public testing, so everyone can glimpse the potential of UniLend at this early stage and see how the platform will be a significant step forward through DeFi.

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