UniLend Launches a $1 Million Ecosystem Grant Program to Accelerate the Adoption of Flash Loans on Multiple Chains

Samson Dogo
2 min readJun 27, 2021


As Unilend move into a new phase of growth, the UniLend ecosystem will begin to accelerate. The team can concentrate more on the road ahead now that they have passed the Certik audit and optimized the UI of the Unilend protocol.

Unilend will launch a $1 million ecosystem award program. This action will pave the way for previously unimagined adoptions. The goal is to help projects and the UniLend ecosystem grow faster by aiding them with:

  • Develop new UniLend platform and ecosystem use cases.
  • Create innovative applications for Unilend gas-saving flash loans.
  • Develop cutting-edge lending and borrowing capabilities for flagship product.
  • To bring more liquidity to the UniLend ecosystem, develop relationships in order to establish new integrations.
  • Bridge new paths to help UniLend expand into new ecosystems and become a more robust multi-chain protocol.

Many aspects of the programs and platform will change as they continue to advance very fast. As Unilend ecosystem evolves, they will continue to work to make it stronger and more resilient. To accelerate the growth, UniLend is working hard and putting a lot of efforts to take the community further ahead. The importance of a vibrant and supportive community cannot be overstated.

About Unilend Finance

UniLend is a decentralized permission-less protocol that combines money markets and spot trading services with lending and borrowing services with the help of smart contracts, unlike any existing DeFi protocol. This integrated smart contract allows for both DeFi capabilities and trading services to co-exist together. The interest rates and the collateralization ratio in the money markets are based on supply, demand, and other market forces, and borrowing limits are decided by the liquidity in the trading pairs.



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