UniLend and PolkaBridge Partner to Strengthen Decentralized Finance

Samson Dogo
2 min readJun 27, 2021


Users can transfer tokens, contribute liquidity, lend/borrow, yield farm, and more between Polkadot and other blockchains using PolkabBridge’s decentralized, high-performance platform.

The interoperability capabilities provided by PolkabBridge are extremely valuable since they allow users of several blockchains to communicate with one another in a smooth manner.

UniLend is ecstatic to be working with PolkabBridge to help bridge the Ethereum and Polkadot ecosystems. By allowing interoperability with a wide variety of tokens that make up Polkadot’s rapidly-expanding network, working with PolkaBridge might provide a huge amount of liquidity and utility to UniLend’s Flash Loans protocol and lending market.

UniLend will soon begin offering flash loans and staking for PolkaBridge’s token. This partnership will allow PolkaBridge PBR holders to invest their tokens on UniLend’s network, earning extra PBR while also providing liquidity for Unilend flash lending capability.

All PBR tokens staked on UniLend will be immediately deposited into UniLend’s liquidity pools, which are linked to the Flash Loans protocol and provide liquidity to anyone who uses them. As a result, by allowing the PBR community to invest on UniLend, they are able to provide a lot more liquidity to Unilend Flash Loans protocol. PBR stakers will also benefit from the staking rewards program.

Ecosystems that are strategically empowered

UniLend is collaborating with a number of fantastic projects to build mutually beneficial partnerships. The collaboration with PolkaBridge is particularly essential as this signifies UniLend’s debut into the Polkadot ecosystem.

Much to PolkaBridge, UniLend tries to preserve relations with all the other initiatives in the defi community.

About Unilend Finance

UniLend is a decentralized permission-less protocol that combines money markets and spot trading services with lending and borrowing services with the help of smart contracts, unlike any existing DeFi protocol. This integrated smart contract allows for both DeFi capabilities and trading services to co-exist together. The interest rates and the collateralization ratio in the money markets are based on supply, demand, and other market forces, and borrowing limits are decided by the liquidity in the trading pairs.



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