UniLend and DFYN have teamed up to revitalize the financial future.

UniLend has swiftly gained a reputation for its flash loans and lending process. One of the functions of the flash loans is to allow customers to take advantage of arbitrage possibilities without requiring upfront funds. Price differences between automated market makers generate arbitrage opportunities (AMMs). As a result, an asset must be listed on numerous exchanges within the same network in order for this capability to work. Unilend’s native token $UFT will also be listed on the Dfyn Exchange as a result of this agreement.

As a result of this agreement, a UFT-DFYN farm in the Dfyn Ecosystem Farms category has been created, with stakers of UFT-DFYN LP tokens receiving 700 $DFYN tokens per day for the next two months.

DFYN is a multi-chain decentralized AMM that now functions on Polygon, with ambitions to expand to BSC, HEC, Avalanche, Algorand, and other blockchains in the near future. Traders and speculators can use DFYN to swap tokens, stake the DYFN token in a single asset for a specified period of time, and yield farm for liquidity provider incentives. UniLend’s goal of establishing a comprehensive and interoperable DeFi protocol that works across many chains is also aligned with DFYN’s ambitious multi-chain goals.

UniLend is thrilled to contribute to DFYN’s variety of capabilities by equipping the DFYN token to be lent and utilized for flash loans on UniLend’s soon-to-launch on Polygon platform, as the second DEX on Polygon to offer UFT.

UniLend will soon launch DFYN token flash loans and lending services. This integration will allow DFYN holders to lend their tokens on UniLend’s network and earn extra DFYN while also providing liquidity for the flash loans feature.

All DFYN tokens lent on UniLend will be deposited directly into UniLend’s liquidity pools, which are linked to Unilend Flash Loans protocol and provide liquidity to anyone who uses them. As a result, by allowing the DFYN community to lend their favorite token on UniLend, they are simultaneously increasing the liquidity of Unilend Flash Loans protocol.

Furthermore, lending on UniLend allows DFYN holders (whose time-locked single asset staking pools are now full) to stake (lend) on UniLend and receive premiums from our rewards pool in addition to the fees produced by Flash Loans.