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The volatility of crypto markets is both a blessing and a curse. Long-term supporters of the cryptocurrency and blockchain may be rewarded. Still, this fear of fluctuation hinders much traditional retail and institutional investors from entering the market, especially as individual cryptocurrencies can be highly unpredictable. Fortunately, the basic protocol refund tokens are needed to solve this problem according to the powerful UniLend Finance protocol.

By connecting the base token’s value to the total market value of Crypto, it offers a way to accelerate the emerging crypto industry without speculating on certain assets. With the BASE, an individual can win even if the whole industry wins.

Unilend announced that they have partnered with Base Protocol, an integral part of the Ethereum ecosystem, to empower people in the booming crypto industry. They tend to further reduce the barriers that prevent people from safely joining the booming cryptocurrency and DeFi industries through this collaboration. This partnership makes UniLend the first platform by BASE to allow decentralized lending and loans.


Revolutionary technology allows users to simultaneously own a piece of the entire crypto market and borrow against the industry’s full value. This is transmitted to us by duplicating the refund tokens through the underlying protocol. Fortunately, users will never have to solve mathematical expressions as it is the future of finance.

Basically, the underlying protocol has successfully implemented flexibility to programmatically expand or reduce the token supply to reach the target price balance. They created a synthetic asset whose features were designed to simulate market patterns of all cryptocurrencies.

When the S&P 500 is not limited to 500 stocks, it may be useful to consider a basic protocol like the S&P 500. This allows BASE holders to aggressively protect their cryptocurrency assets rather than face the risk of holding certain assets.

With the new cooperation, BASE owners can use UniLend’s lending and loan functions completely decentralized. This opens up new financial strategies for the crypto community, which has been at war with each other for a long time. Rather than discussing which coins and tokens are the most attractive or least attractive, those who want to weigh the industry’s overall potential can safely participate.


The Base Protocol is the ideal partner to usher in a new era of easy-to-use DeFi strategies that empower private investors and offer institutional players a more attractive option.

With this collaboration, the Base protocol can effectively borrow to protect itself from leverage trading in Crypto. For example, suppose a trader borrowed 100 BASE to buy a legacy currency, and the legacy currency fell when the overall market fell. When the trader returns their 100 BASE to the lender, they may find that the BASE value goes down too, which is in line with the crypto market. This means that when the trader repays his loan, it only exceeds his loss, that is, the total loss in the market. In this way, BASE protocol can be used as a strategic hedging instrument for trading crypto-focused portfolios with leverage.

This allows users to better control their crypto journey while painting with bigger investments. Additionally, users looking for alternative DeFi trading strategies may want to include BASE in a “safe haven” type trading strategy instead of trading between altcoin and BTC to protect themselves from volatility.

With BASE, Unilend can establish a successful decentralized crypto future without the tribalism of supporting certain cryptocurrencies. Also, BASE plus UniLend enables users to withdraw or borrow money from one another without the need for expensive intermediaries while also providing the opportunity to participate in new financial strategies.

Strategic collaborations like this are critical to unifying the industry to usher in the era of decentralized finance and further establish the internet of money for the world.


UniLend is a decentralized protocol that connects spot trading and money markets through smart contracts with borrowing and Lending services.


The Base protocol ($ BASE) is a crypto asset linked to the total market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies. The BASE protocol is a decentralized financial application based on the Ethereum blockchain, an open-source platform with an active GitHub repository. The project uses Oracle’s number one service in the crypto space, Chainlink, as part of its price data feed.



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