The Oasis Foundation has partnered with Sperax to provide up to $50,000 in grants to women-led blockchain projects

Oasis Foundation, the organization that provides technical and financial assistance to promote the Oasis Network ecosystem, works with Sperax, the protocol that provides scalable Stablecoins. Together, they will offer up to $ 50,000 as part of Sperax’s LIFTED grant series of women-led projects in the blockchain space.

Sperax LIFTED scholarships are designed to provide women in the blockchain space with access to capital and mentoring. Both the Oasis and Sperax teams are proudly run by women and believe that nurturing a diverse and inclusive blockchain industry is vital to fostering innovation, creativity and technological progress.

For this grant, applicants can choose whether they want to develop a new stablecoin from scratch or transfer an existing stablecoin to Oasis Ethereum ParaTime. Applicants can take advantage of existing open-source code and create an Oasis version of their preferred stablecoin, eg. B. USDC, USDT, Dai, Sperax or any other stablecoin of your choice.

A person or team will be selected to win this grant. Providing technical and commercial assistance to the selected beneficiary, Oasis and Sperax provide a unique opportunity for the winner or team to connect with and guide leading talent in the blockchain industry. Bigger Pie, a professional network that provides women on the blockchain with access to additional capital and mentoring, will also support Sperax LIFTED Grants alumni.

Sperax grants Tier II: Bring Stablecoins to the oasis

Grants are distributed quarterly to talented women working on the blockchain. In Phase II, the teams involved must request resources to bring a stable coin to the Oasis ecosystem through Oasis Ethereum ParaTime. It’s almost identical to Ethereum, with full support for ParaTime, EVM, and Solidity toolchain, but with gas fees 99% lower than Ethereum. With Oasis Ethereum ParaTime, you can transfer smart contracts from Ethereum Solidity to the Oasis network and easily launch new stablecoin, DeFi applications, NFT and more on the Oasis network. If you are already familiar with building apps with Solidity, you can dive directly into the ecosystem of the Oasis network with Oasis Ethereum ParaTime.

Applications Timeline

Grant applications will be reviewed based on the specific timeline outlined below:

  • Step 1: Apply between April 10 and May 31, 2021

About Oasis network
Oasis is the first blockchain platform with data protection capabilities for open finance and responsible data management. Combined with its highly efficient and secure architecture, Oasis Network can operate private and scalable DeFi, revolutionize open finance, and expand it beyond distributors and early adopters to a mass market. Unique privacy features are not only redefining DeFi, they are also creating the first responsible data economy by creating a new type of digital asset called Tokenized Data that enables users to take control of the data they generate and earn rewards for share them with applications. can. The Oasis team features top talent from around the world with background information from Apple, Google, Amazon, Stanford, Harvard and others and is supported by top investors such as a16z Crypto, Accel, Polychain, Pantera and others.

About Sperax
Sperax was founded in 2019 and has set itself the task of connecting everyone with its modern currency platform. Sperax offers a hybrid stablecoin (USD) in addition to the public BDLS blockchain. USD is a combination of crypto collateral stablecoins and algorithmic dual token stablecoins. It is a highly scalable, unreliable, and decentralized stablecoin that operates entirely on-chain. The USD serves both to protect prosperity and to generate passive income. Sperax is backed by Outlier Ventures and FBG Capital.