SuperFarm partners with Polygon for NFT Farming and Integration

SuperFarm will be integrating with Polygon to deliver fast and low-cost NFTs. Polygon (formerly Matic) is the preeminent developer of Ethereum scaling solutions and is at the forefront of pioneering L2 technologies.

Integrating SuperFarm with Polygon will open the door to cheap NFT minting, swapping, and selling, making digital collectibles accessible to mainstream users. Polygon has established a pedigree for supporting NFT projects including Aavegotchi, Neon District, and Decentraland.

With an active community of NFT collectors already established on Polygon, Polygon community members can soon farm exclusive NFTs on the SuperFarm platform that’ll have utility within AAA Video Games and more. This will enable Polygon holders to farm exclusive. NFTs without inflating the circulating supply.

Ethereum Security Without the Fees

Polygon’s scalable sidechain technology enables crypto projects to enjoy the best of both worlds: the security of the Ethereum mainchain coupled with the low-fee environment of L2. And because Polygon is compatible with established Ethereum developer tools such as MetaMask and Remix, it’s easier for devs to build on L2.

Matic Plasma is the first implementation of Polygon’s layer-2 technology, but since rebranding, Polygon has committed to developing other scaling solutions such as zk Rollups and Optimistic Rollups. As part of the Polygon ecosystem, SuperFarm will be among the first projects to benefit as these scaling technologies come onstream.

There is some outstanding work taking place right now in the field of layer-2 scaling, and there is some incredible innovation occurring in the realm of NFTs and digital collectibles. It just so happens that both of these trends have coalesced around Polygon. Positioning SuperFarm at the center of this movement makes perfect sense. It will allow NFTs to be bought and sold with negligible transaction fees and near-instant confirmations. This will create a thriving artwork for digital collectibles that’s open to everyone.



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