Playcent, a decentralized WIX for DApps, games, NFT, and social tokens, complements the UniLend ecosystem by making Unilend native token $UFT available as currency on their platform. With Playcent, users can create DApps, games, and NFTs using the many templates they offer on their platform.

This collaboration provides an added benefit for the $ UFT token as the official currency of the Playcent network. This means that $ UFT can be used to pay for subscriptions, make in-app purchases, and purchase various assets on the Playcent platform.

On the Playcent platform, UniLend token holders can access a variety of fun activities, great content, and premium products. To make matters even better, $UFT holders have the opportunity to win prizes in the form of $USDT tokens by participating in many events such as games and competitions on the Paycent platform.


UniLend token holders have access to exclusive competitions that allow them to win prizes while enjoying various fun games and competitions on the Playcent platform.

Many different types of fun games are available on the Playcent platform, including Cricket, Block Stacker, Match3, Forrest Runner, Flappy Bird, and more. In addition to the indie game, players can interact with others through competitions on the Playcent platform and invite friends in an attractive way to prizes in USDT.

Playcent has tokenized campaigns that include competitions where users can play the above games and take quizzes to compete with other players to win. The winners of these competitions will receive prizes in the form of USDT tokens.

However, to participate in many competitions at Playcent, users must have a certain number of tokens. Now $UFT will be one of the tokens that Playcent users can use to participate in the competitions taking place on the platform.


UniLend’s native $UFT tokens can be used as an exchange tool to buy and sell premium products and content to be found on the Playcent platform. This means that if users want to access Playcent’s premium content and products, they can use $UFT.

The Playcent platform will be a place where developers can freely create their own content such as articles and GIFs. Creators can charge people a subscription fee to access some of their content on Playcent. Playcent users can pay the creators using $UFT tokens as the payment method.

Playcent also allows users to design, convert and trade NFTs, essentially resulting in an NFT marketplace on their platform. NFT buyers and sellers on Playcent can use $UFT tokens as an exchange tool to value and trade their NFT.


UniLend’s native $UFT token will have multiple uses within the UniLend platform itself. Some of the use cases include liquidity mining, governance, fee discounts, and more.

By integrating the $UFT token into the Playcent platform, $UFT gets an external use case or a state not directly related to the UniLend platform. UniLend tokens essentially become an exchange tool on the Playcent platform. Playcent users can use $UFT, participate in contests, pay for content subscriptions, and rate and process NFT.


UniLend is a decentralized protocol that connects spot trading and money markets through smart contracts with loans and credit services.


Playcent is a blockchain-based template Developers, gamers, and Content creators monetize their skills.



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