For several months Bluzelle has been working continuously on the product front for the introduction of Bluzelle Oracles. The hard work paid off as the release of the RYU MVP version of Bluzelle Oracles was successful. That was one of the most significant turning points in Bluzelle’s journey. All of this has been made possible with the extraordinary trust and effort of the community.

At the looked into the introduction of Bluzelle Oracles, it was discovered that it was a very important milestone. On this occasion, Bluzelle decided to celebrate the excitement with the Bluzelle community, and that is the reason for launching the “NFT Bluzelle Collection.”

This NFT collection comprises unique and rare NFTs designed by renowned art directors to add significant value to the wonderful community. Bluzelle is launching a brand new design that every piece in the collection is based on. To maximize engagement, they are launching the accessible suite for the private community through the Rarible platform.

Rarible is a leading NFT marketplace that enables the purchase of digital virtual assets on the Ethereum blockchain. It’s the first community-owned marketplace to support smooth NFT trading.


This collection will have 4 unique NFTS. A new limited set of 10 will be released every week. A total of 40 NFTs will be published. Entrants who can purchase all four designs in the collection will receive a $1,000 reward in local Bluzelle tokens. As a bonus, those who purchase all four designs will receive a special fifth NFT.


Users must follow all of the Bluzelle social media channels: Twitter and Telegram.

· Retweet the “Bluzelle NFT Collection” tweet with 3 friends in the comments section below.

· Community participants will actively support the promotion of Bluzelle’s marketing efforts. You will actively work to increase engagement on social media channels using various strategies.

· Community participants will be positive fans who support Bluzelle’s value proposition and provide feedback to help grow the platform.

· From users, GIFs, memes, Youtube videos, blog posts, etc. You need to choose educational content to create and share knowledge about the platform.

· Participant performance is assessed weekly so that members are shortlisted to reward NFTs. We will publish more details about our social media platforms.

· Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or explanations about the “Bluzelle NFT Collection.”


Bluzelle is a Web 3 decentralized database powered by Byzantine fault-tolerant blockchains specially adapted for database operations. The advanced data distribution network promises to protect businesses from data breaches, network failures, and performance issues. Bluzelle serves as the “Airbnb of databases,” and the developers pay for storage space and read/write access to the decentralized database. Secure, tamper-proof, censorship-resistant, and highly scalable, Bluzelle develops data sources and oracles for the next stage of its development to create a faster and more secure Internet.