Nord Finance: Monthly recap March 2021

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Nord Finance: March monthly recap and community updates

As we marched in the month of March, we explored endless possibilities at Nord Finance. We had an exciting and enthusiastic month filled with tech and community updates driving closer to our mission of making DeFi accessible. We are indebted to our community for supporting us as we are striving to create a solid imprint to fuel DeFi adoption.

This monthly synopsis is a testament for what we have achieved so far and our next course of action in the journey of simplifying DeFi. Scroll through this quick recap to get a glimpse of how our March went by.

Product and Technological Updates

  • Nord Finance x Binance Smart Chain Integration

We started our journey of being chain agnostic protocol by starting to work on extending our protocol to BSC with a small sneak-peek of our upcoming integration on the BSC after the successful mainnet deployment on Ethereum Network.

  • Nord Savings (V2) Protocol x Zokyo

As a chain-agnostic platform, NordSavings (V2) smart contracts for BSC were sent to the leading blockchain audit and security firm Zokyo for audits.

  • Nord Finance x BSC Community Beta Testing program

Nord Finance announced the Nord Savings V2 Community Beta Testing program to create awareness and drive increased engagement from the Nord community. This testnet release allowed the community members to experience the Nord Savings’ interface and critical attributes.

  • Nord Finance is live on ChainSwap by Antimatter.

Nord Finance will employ ChainSwap bridge to allow users to bridge $NORD over BSC and HECO Chains. This will make $NORD accessible across multiple DeFi ecosystems fuelling endless possibilities.

  • $NORD liquidity pool reward program on PancakeSwap

Nord Finance announces the LP Rewards program on PancakeSwap employing the $NORD/BUSD pair. The program aims to reward $210,000 worth of $NORD to LP holders in the next five months.

  • AAVE Is Now Enabled On Nord Savings Yield Farming Strategies!

Users will now earn more yield on their stablecoins via Nord Savings. Currently users earn $NORD tokens as rewards for depositing stablecoins into Nord Savings. Now with this integration of AAVE in the protocol users will earn both NORD APY + APY in USDT/DAI/USDC.

Partnerships and Ecosystem

  • Nord Finance enters into a strategic partnership with Elrond

To fuel its mission of multi-chain interoperability, Nord Finance joined forces with Elrond, a leading public blockchain, to explore cross-chain DeFi opportunities to drive massive adoption.

Nord Finance V1 is currently launched on Ethereum and we are actively looking into L2 and other blockchain platforms to expand our product suite. With this collaboration, we will be closely working with Elrond and offer users cross chain DeFi opportunities such as Robo-advisory, funds management, swaps, and savings etc.

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  • Nord Finance announces strategic partnership with L2 Polygon

To power the mission of becoming the biggest chain agnostic DeFi platform, Nord Finance formed a strong alliance with leading Layer 2 Aggregator Polygon Network.

The partnership will explore endless possibilities in unlocking the potential of DeFi assets to the broader financial ecosystem. This strategic partnership will usher in increased DeFi adoption, enhancing the overall user experience encouraging mainstream users to participate in the revolutionary financial paradigm.

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  • Nord finance listed on ChainSwap

Using ChainSwap bridge users can bridge $NORD over to BSC and HECO Chains. Making $NORD tokens accessible across multiple DeFi ecosystem opening endless possibilites of co-operation and also awareness around our product.

We will now working closely with multiple DeFi Protocols closely across chains both for $NORD and also for Nord Savings V2 thus building a strong chain-agnostic DeFi ecosystem.

  • Nord Finance listed on PancakeSwap

Nord Finance announced the listing on PancakeSwap with $NORD/BUSD pair, thus extending to the BSC ecosystem.

Community Updates and Marketing Events

  • Nord Finance x Crypto Daku

Nord Finance’s CEO & Co-Founder, Amarnath Reddy, joined an exciting AMA session with leading crypto educator Crypto Daku to discuss insights about Nord Finance’s future developments.

  • Nord Finance x Elrond Network

Nord Finance’s CEO & Co-Founder, Amarnath Reddy, joined an exciting joint AMA session in the Elrond Community to highlight the partnership between Nord Finance and Elrond Network

  • Nord finance featured on BSC News

With the upcoming launch of Nord Savings V2 on Binance Smart Chain. did a in-depth research on Nord Finance covering product offerings, ecosystem partners, and token utility & economics!

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  • Nord Finance x ShinChan

Nord Finance’s CEO & Co-Founder, Amarnath Reddy, joined an official Public AMA with ShinChan to discuss Nord Finance, its ecosystem, and key-value propositions.

  • Nord Finance featured by IvanOnTech.

Academy by IvanOnTech has written an in-depth article about Nord Finance explaining the Nord ecosystem, the need for robo-advisory service, and multi-chain approach towards DeFi

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The Road Ahead

While we expedite in the month of April, we are keen on surpassing major milestones by expanding Nord Finance, and its product selects into various ecosystems. By exposing Nord Finance across multiple blockchains, we will strongly reinforce multi-chain functionalities advocating our vision of simplifying DeFi. Tighten your seat belts as we drive you along an exciting journey ahead. We have massive things in store for you.

About Nord Finance

Nord Finance, a blockchain agnostic platform, is an advanced decentralized financial ecosystem that focuses on simplifying decentralized finance products for users by highlighting traditional finance’s key attributes. Deployed on the Ethereum Network, it integrates multi-chain interoperability, thus proposing a plethora of financial primitives, which constitute savings, advisory, loans against assets, investment/funds management, and swaps.

At Nord Finance, we are building a one-stop advanced decentralized financial ecosystem to serve the rising needs targeting novice users and professionals to meet their financial goals.



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