Samson Dogo
2 min readFeb 21, 2021

As we enter 2021, UniLend Finance has given many innovative technology updates, strategic collaboration, and community events.

Unilend tends to stand out from others as a good development because they are now entering into a great collaboration with another promising DeFi innovator. Nord Finance and UniLend Finance are now ready to take the crypto world by storm. Nord Finance is a new generation DeFi player. With Unilendworking with Nord Finance,they will create a new and unique value proposition for Good usability and the Unilend community.

There is no such good time as today to take advantage of the current bull market. Nord Finance will soon integrate UniLend Finance into the Nord Advisory section of its technology stack. The protocol will benefit Nord Finance users by providing new strategies. Moreover, the Unilend protocol can be used in conjunction with Nord’s proprietary algorithm and ultimately supports diversified goal-oriented user portfolio management.


It was predicted that interoperability was one of the next crypto expansions to conquer by many leaders in the space. Teams in the blockchain and crypto world are trying to find a solution to this barrier. Nord Finance is developing and launching a blockchain agnostic platform for multi-chain interoperability.

These solutions are only part of the advanced decentralized financial ecosystem built to facilitate DeFi investment by bringing traditional finance traditional features to the DeFi world. Unilend finance will help support crypto users on their path to success while using Nord Finance’s consulting capabilities.

Nord Finance is at the forefront of technical DeFi solutions. In addition to automated advisory, it also deals with revenue generation collection, fund management, and loans against crypto assets.

A significant part of the project’s success can be attributed to the actors they work with. In this case, Nord Finance and its unique strengths will also strengthen Unilend projects. Nord finance users and the community will learn about the Unilend protocol’s innovative features to further enhance future growth.

UniLend Finance will continue to work more closely with Nord Finance as the market takes shape.


UniLend is a permissionless decentralized protocol that combines spot trading services and money markets with loan services and smart contracts. They provide a permissionless list of assets, lending, and loans that are rewarded with the interest rate, respectively.


Nord Finance is an advanced decentralized financial ecosystem that simplifies decentralized financial products for users by emphasizing traditional finance’s key features. It is based on the Ethereum network and provides access to multi-chain interoperability integration.

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