Mover connects with EPNS to send notifications about yield harvesting

Samson Dogo
2 min readOct 13, 2021


There must be a simple mechanism for individuals to acquire access to crypto, DeFi, and other web3 products in order for them to become mainstream. In the current state of the Ethereum network, Web3 is not very user-friendly, nor is it inexpensive to transact and apply various DeFi techniques. Despite the fact that users choose large yields, usability and accessibility remain issues in the space.

Mover is a DeFi startup that is working to improve this by creating a platform that allows users to trade, store, send, and earn interest on their crypto in a simple debit card wallet. It functions as a permissionless and non-custodial Defi Savings account with up to a 20% yearly interest and no maintenance fees, as well as a Smart Treasury that pays for users’ gas bills. It serves as a one-stop shop for all your digital banking needs, complete with user assistance and simple analytics to keep you on top of your DeFi game.

EPNS is pleased to announce their collaboration with Mover to bring Web3 back to life. During the Mover pilot program, EPNS will work with Mover to:

Create a Mover notifications channel that notifies users when their produce is collected — This allows Mover users to stay up to date on their finances in a very straightforward and simple way without having to visit the Mover app many times.

EPNS look forward to working with the Mover team and they expect that this collaboration will increase the usability of Web3 applications in the space, allowing more people to easily adopt decentralized technologies.

About Mover

Mover is a forward-thinking firm in the DeFi space. Mover is a simple wallet with a debit card that allows users to trade, store, send, and earn interest on their cryptocurrency. People enjoy high yield, and enjoy developing new items. Everyone should have access to permissionless and open finance. The Mover is a large and complex beast. They have a sophisticated yield aggregation system, Smart Treasury, that compensates users’ gas expenses. All of this is available via mobile apps when on the go.

About EPNS

EPNS is creating the Web3 ecosystem’s first open communication layer, first for Ethereum, then for L2s and other blockchains. The protocol allows any smart contract, dApp, or standard server to broadcast platform-agnostic notifications attached to a user’s wallet addresses (ie: notifs can be integrated and shown on any crypto wallet, mobile apps, extension or dApps).



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