Meet the Oasis Team Ekin Tuna, Oasis Foundation’s Business Development

People often question who or what is driving Oasis’ advancement, given all of the incredible relationships and developments Oasis have accomplished thus far. That’s why they are introducing users to Ekin Tuna, the Director of Business Development at Oasis Foundation. The Oasis Foundation’s mission is to empower the entire ecosystem that surrounds the Oasis Network, and Ekin is a key component of that.

Ekin had an incredible track record in the blockchain space prior to joining Oasis, including co-founding ChainSlayer, a Blockchain Analytics Startup that provides market intelligence data on the crypto economy, as well as holding key positions in blockchain organizations focused on smart co-operation.

Now at Oasis, Ekin uses his extensive background in business development, privacy and security, and blockchain technology to assist in bringing Oasis to those who need it most.

About Oasis Foundation

The Oasis Network is a blockchain platform for open finance and a responsible data economy that is privacy-enabled.

The Oasis Network is a decentralized Layer 1 proof-of-stake network. The Consensus Layer and the ParaTime Layer are the two fundamental components.

The Consensus Layer is a decentralized set of validator nodes that runs a scalable, high-throughput, secure proof-of-stake consensus. Many parallel runtimes (ParaTimes) are hosted by the ParaTime Layer, each representing a duplicated compute environment with shared state.

Blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiast/ambassador