KnitFinance recently raised $1 million from prominent investors in a hugely oversubscribed funding round

Happy to announce that the fundraising round drew the attention of notable investors, who made large contributions and helped KnitFinance raise $1 million in a short period of time. Dao Maker, AU21 Capital, LD Capital, Orion, x21, Nabais Capital, Insight Capital, Momentum 6,, pSquare Capital, TRG Capital, and Chronos Ventures are among the round’s lead investors. As investors, it includes the CXOs of a number of large projects.

Apart from providing financial backing to KnitFinance, investors have worked with KnitFinance to kickstart liquidity on DeFi exchange platforms such as Uniswap, ensuring a better and more seamless user experience from the start. KnitFinance will be able to expand awareness of the protocol, its features, and mission around the world as a result of these partnership projects.

In honor of the achievements, KnitFinance has created a strategic relationship with 30 additional well-known projects. Some of these initiatives have a multibillion-dollar budget, and official announcements about these collaborations will be made public soon.

Features of KnitFinance

Knit is a methodology for building top-200 asset cross-chain wrappers. Users can make deposits in order to receive insured custody of mint k assets. KnitFinance’s multi-chain APY optimization increases DeFi yields, ensures collateral security with insured custody, and gives consumers access to wrappers for their whole portfolio. All of the platform’s capabilities improve the user experience and connect DeFi on Various Chains by bringing multiple assets to any blockchain network that is compatible. Knit’s asset locking feature allows for insurance up to $350 million, bringing real-world and trustworthy insurance to DeFi.

KnitFinance Future Plans

KnitFinance is working to increase DeFi’s financial inclusion quotient to considerably greater levels. This step will assist potential users in lowering entry barriers and reducing asset risk. It’s a completely decentralized system. For governance, it will likewise rely on user consensus.

The K tokens (KnitFinance tokens: KFT ) will also be listed on several of the top-tier centralized crypto exchanges, including as Binance, Huobi Global, OKEx, and others. The major goal is to increase Knit token and wrapped asset global liquidity in the near future.

KnitFinance is confident about the ability to achieve the objectives and goals of the project thanks to a team of extremely talented and experienced crypto veterans.

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