Knit Finance and SparkPoint have teamed together to integrate SRK tokens into the Multichain platform and enable Staking

Knit Finance is thrilled to announce its collaboration with SparkPoint, a project that intends to accelerate the mainstream use of blockchain and cryptocurrencies by creating an ecosystem of useful products and services.

Knit Finance uses a wrapped protocol to connect the entire crypto ecosystem to DeFI, allowing it to reach its full potential.

Knit Finance will integrate SparkPoint’s native token SRK into its multi-chain platform through this collaboration by creating wrapped K-SRK tokens and providing staking services with K-SRK or KFT token rewards after launch.

In terms of mobile payments, remittances, exchanges, gaming, and other areas, SparkPoint aspires to redefine digital payments and provide a better future for people. SparkPoint Wallet, SparkLearn, SparkPlay, SparkEarn, and SparkDeFi are some of the blockchain-based products and services it has released.

Knit Finance is the next Big Project of the DeFi protocol, which in Phase 1 intends to bridge numerous non-Ethereum chains using ERC20. It establishes a new standard for converting non-ERC-20 currency into wrapped ERC-20 tokens. Stocks, gold, and even fiat, among other real-world assets, can be introduced into the DeFi ecosystem utilizing Knit Finance’s wrapped protocol. SparkPoint will use Knit Finance’s cross-chain interoperability to allow its native SRK tokens to be traded across many independent blockchains in a wrapped K-SRK token paradigm as a result of this agreement.

The partnership will allow Knit Finance to provide a staking service to users, allowing them to stake K-SRK tokens and receive APY in K-SRK or KFT tokens.

About Sparkpoint
SparkPoint Technologies Inc., or SparkPoint, is a fully registered corporation in the Philippines with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The project was started on October 5, 2018, and it is one of the Philippines’ first cryptocurrency enterprises. Through an ecosystem of real products and services, the initiative intends to accelerate mainstream acceptance of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

About Knit Finance

Knit Finance is a decentralized protocol that unifies yield farming, lending, trading, and margin services through smart contracts across different chains, bridges, and real-world marketplaces. Knit connects numerous non-Ethereum blockchains, allowing crypto and real-world assets to be moved as wrapped tokens across them.

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