Jade Protocol has partnered with CafeSwap

Samson Dogo
2 min readNov 29, 2021


CafeSwap has always excelled in its collaborations, forming high-value alliances that have proven to be one-of-a-kind, lucrative, and have clearly added fresh and exciting perspectives to its broad ecology. CafeSwap is glad to announce a relationship with Jade Protocol, a decentralized reserve currency platform on the Binance Smart Chain, in keeping with this well-established and highly profitable trend.

Olympus DAO’s Jade Protocol is an efficient, fair-launch fork. It offers higher APRs and may auto-compound at shorter intervals than most algorithmic reserve currency systems. Its token, $JADE, is a free-floating currency with no pre-minting, backed by the stablecoin BUSD’s treasury supply. It is able to reach a steady floating value since it is backed by BUSD, ensuring that it never falls below the value of its backed assets.

JADE’s reserves are crypto assets maintained by the Jade Protocol Treasury, which are extended through bonds that are traded for various assets in exchange for discounted JADE, resulting in fantastic yields for users.

CafeSwap is really thrilled to collaborate with Jade Protocol to deliver more benefits and value to users of both platforms through this collaborative connection. CafeSwap is launching a new staking pool where users may earn JADE by staking BREW. In a JADE-BNB liquidity pair, a new farming pool will be accessible. Users who LP stake JADE-BNB will receive BREW as a prize.

About Jade Protocol

The Fair Fork Foundation’s debut project, Jade Protocol, is committed to the democratization and ROI optimization of well-known DeFi protocols. Bonding is used as a secondary source of value production in the Jade Protocol. This assists Jade in acquiring and accumulating liquidity as well as other reserve assets such as the BUSD.

About CafeSwap

CafeSwap is a DeFi project that aims to make decentralized finance services accessible to the general public. The De-Fi protocol accomplishes this ambitious goal with a variety of innovative features, including a decentralized exchange, yield farming, staking, yield optimization, portfolio tracker, twin farms, and others.