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The Polygon Network active users will find that their wallet has been updated to version 2 with a much more intuitive and easy-to-use interface. Transferring tokens from the Ethereum network to the Polygon network is now much easier than before.

The following step-by-step guide has been created to help users learn how to transfer their digital assets from Ethereum to the Polygon Network. Above all, this will benefit Eayfi users for the Yield Farming program, which the EasyFi Network will restart from March 9th.


In this case, take the DAI transmission as an example. Users can transfer any token from Eth to Polygon.

Make sure you are using the POS bridge and not the plasma bridge. Plasma can take up to a week to send money. The POS takes 7–8 minutes.

1. Visit Wallet in your web browser. You will be asked to sign in with your crypto wallet. In this case, take Metamask as an example. On this page, click Metamask. Make sure that you are logged into your Metamask in the Matic Network.

2. When you click the Metamask button, as shown above, a signature request will appear. Click Sign.

3. Depending on your wallet address in Matic Network, the new Matic Wallet V2 will open. This will list all the data that you can restore to your wallet. To move money to Matic, click on “Move money to Matic network” as shown.

4. Then, the Matic POS Bridge module is opened in the wallet, as shown below. The coin displayed by default on this transfer module is Ether. You can change it as shown in the following image.

5. On the screen above, click the down arrow next to Ether. The following map selection screen is displayed. Select DAI Stablecoin from the list.

6. After selecting the token, you have the option of transferring the amount you have chosen. The available credit is displayed there on the screen.

7. In this case, MAX has been selected as shown in the box. You can also enter any other transfer amount.

8. After the amount has been determined, click Transfer. The system displays a warning message that you should understand. Click on Continue.

9. On the next screen, you will see the transfer summary, the deposit process, the cost of each transaction, the deposit confirmation, and the full deposit. Please note that these are approximate costs and may change during the execution of your transaction.

10. When you click Next, the next screen will show the estimated transaction fee. Click Next again.

11. If you are not connected to the Ethereum network, the system will ask you to make changes. Please make the necessary changes to the metamask.

12. The final step before taking over the blockchain is to finalize the meta-task so that these transactions (as stated above) can be completed. Click on Confirm.

13. After you have confirmed this, it will take the system in Matic POS Bridge about 7 to 8 minutes to transfer your money from Ethereum to Matic. You can see this on the wallet screen in step 1 when the Transfer is executed and approved on the blockchain.

The EASY tokens will be transferred to the Matic V2 wallet when the final stage in this transaction is authenticated.


EasyFi is a scalability, composability, and adoption-focused universal layer 2 lending protocol designed for DeFi. It was created as an open and inclusive financial network infrastructure that runs on public networks and allows for end-to-end lending and borrowing of digital assets and related financial items. EasyFi is based on the principles of permissionless networks and smart contract automation.



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