GYSR is now available on Polygon.

Polygon will benefit from GYSR’s highly secure and configurable liquidity mining

Polygon is really excited to introduce GYSR, an open platform for on-chain rewards. It’s both a development tool and an investing platform, and it’s now available on Polygon.

GYSR is an investment platform that allows investors to identify pools to invest in as well as developer tools to aid with project deployment.

GYSR provides developers with a toolset that allows liquidity mining campaigns, NFT mining, and more. It provides the Ethereum ecosystem with a variety of incentive-based tools. GYSR’s most recent introduction has significant improvements in terms of design, functionality, and cost.

Geysers and Fountains are the two types of goods offered by GYSR. Competitive yield farming is done with geysers, whereas friendly yield farming is done with fountains. Both are beneficial to developers in terms of configuring according to project requirements.

With freshly installed smart contracts and an improved UI, the $GYSR token has been mapped across the Polygon network. On QuickSwap, the GYSR team has also created an incentive pool.

Polygon will offer GYSR with a framework for deploying pools at incredibly low gas prices, which will be particularly advantageous to users.

Updated pools and an investor dashboard are available to Polygon users via the GYSR web app.

The inclusion of GYSR to Polygon is unquestionably beneficial to developers and investors.

About GYSR

GYSR is an on-chain incentive platform. The protocol may be used as an investment platform for consumers to locate pools to invest in, as well as a developer tool enabling projects to create secure and flexible incentive programs without having to write any code.

About Polygon

Polygon is the world’s first well-structured, simple-to-use Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development platform. Polygon SDK is its main component, a modular, versatile platform for creating and linking Secured Chains such as Plasma, Optimistic Rollups, zkRollups, Validium, and others, as well as Standalone Chains such as Polygon POS, which are built for flexibility and independence.



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