Samson Dogo
3 min readMar 12, 2021

Golem will be announcing special rewards for creating a new payment method using Polygon soon. There will also be a second hackathon to continue developing on Golem, Polygon, and other platforms they host.

With the quick update on payment controllers in Golem, the new Golem platform (application name, Yagna) is modular for multiple payment controllers to be implemented. So far, there are two payment factors;

1. Regular ERC20 (GLM) is recommended for token payments in Ethereum during congestion unless expensive and absolutely necessary.

2. ZkSync payments that handle off-chain payments were implemented in Alpha III. They are much cheaper and significantly improve latency and rates.

With the official release of the Golem mainnet, there is an issue that still exists and has not yet been resolved for the Golem. The problem is that off-chain Layer 1 (Ethereum) transactions are still necessary and expensive to make off-chain payments. Golem is temporarily solving this problem very centrally by offering some tokens that are already off-chain for applicants. While this is a reasonable short-term solution, it doesn’t fix the underlying problem. So it’s clear that Golem seekers and creators need a realistic off-chain, long-term first engagement solution that doesn’t rely too much on the Golem Factory.

Polygon Network can also offer Golem users other compensation that some Golem users may ask for, which means the fees are much lower. The downside is that it takes longer to revert to Ethereum. For larger projects working on Golem, this commitment would be beneficial in the long run, like CHEM @ Golem, where slightly slower withdrawals with transaction fees per task are much cheaper will likely continue.

This makes the integration with polygon payment a two-way scenario, complementing a gem to further improve applicants’ user experience and a golem that doesn’t have to compete with existing options and complements them additions to Golem candidates. Those benefits depending on what you want to achieve.


This is where the awards, as mentioned earlier, come into play. Golem will provide rewards for developers to build this integration.

One of the advantages of implementing the polygon network through this payment controller specially developed by external developers is that we can observe how developers outside of the Golem Factory Payments team handle Yagna’s modularity and add payment controllers. This feedback will be important to the team to gain an outside perspective and make Golem a more flexible platform.

The hackathon starts shortly after Golem’s official launch on the mainnet (app name Yagna). This version is currently being tested in production, so it won’t take long.

Golem is also interviewing another Polygon partner to further improve recruitment and rates with the Golem platform and payment controller (e.g. Meta transactions and non-gas transactions).


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