EPNS Works with the Boardroom to Deliver Protocol and DAO Governance Push Notifications

DAO and Protocol Governance enables a dispersed collection of stakeholders to approve and implement critical choices that contribute to the operation and growth of a network and community in a transparent and inclusive manner. Strong communication channels are required to enable a group of participants who do not know or trust each other to agree on the status of shared governance and administration. EPNS announced a pilot program cooperation with Boardroom to deliver decentralized push alerts to take governance communication to the next level.

Fragmented conversation and voting channels have hampered participation in network governance, requiring stakeholders to expend excessive effort to participate with the networks they “control.” Building strong and user-centric tools that quickly and simply notifies users of key subjects and choices that will influence their network is an important step in decreasing these frictions. Decentralized alerts offer a significant improvement in user experience by delivering timely information to a wide range of stakeholders, and they will fundamentally alter how people engage with network governance in the future.

Why is it necessary to have decentralized notifications in the boardroom?

Boardroom is a governance tool that facilitates simple and transparent stakeholder monitoring and administration of this new paradigm of companies and communities, with its dashboard enhancing distributed decision-making across stakeholder-owned crypto networks. A uniform interface, proposal viewing, and debates are all part of the collaborative platform. However, without Push Notifications, governance participants must rely on email, social media, and other means to stay informed about current events, resulting in decreased engagement and involvement.

EPNS Provides Instant Wallet Notifications as a Solution

Boardroom users will receive information straight to their wallets in a timely way if EPNS Push Notifications are implemented. Not only will they be notified about upcoming events, but they will also receive an actionable link that will make participation easier and therefore increase engagement.

The following are some of the advantages of collaborating with others for Boardroom users:

  • EPNS will deliver updates and results as well as information about new suggestions, voting, and brainstorming.

EPNS will establish a channel for Boardroom where users may subscribe to get alerts throughout this “pilot program” partnership with Boardroom. These notifications will take use of EPNS’ many notification formats to enable highly customized and effective outreach, such as getting updates on active proposals and voting, alerts when new proposals are uploaded, and more.

With Boardroom as one of the leading developers of effective governance tools and technologies, many more notification channels is expected to be implemented to meet the needs of all governance participants.

About BoardRoom

With tools and services for high-value digital stakeholder engagements, Boardroom is an integrated governance management platform that improves dispersed decision making across crypto networks. By offering a dashboard that allows simple and transparent stakeholder monitoring and administration of DAOs, Boardroom’s aim is to enable stakeholder-owned platforms to expand while maintaining the interests of all their constituents.

About Ethereum Push Notification Service

EPNS is a decentralized notification protocol that allows users to receive notifications via their wallet addresses. Any dApp, service, or smart contract can utilize the protocol to provide platform-agnostic alerts to users (mobile, tablet, web, user wallets, etc).



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