EPNS and Idle Work Together to Enable Push Notifications for Governance Changes

Samson Dogo
3 min readSep 17, 2021


For Blockchain networks and Blockchain-based projects, on-chain governance is crucial for managing and implementing change. For a good operation, however, all participants in the network must reach a consensus on the establishment, updating or abandonment of certain rules and processes within the ecosystem.

This can be especially difficult if there is no communication channel that brings everyone together and keeps them informed of changes made. That’s why EPNS have partnered with IDLE to send push notifications for your governance suggestions and updates, creating an unprecedented level of communication between contributors and the network.

How IDLE can benefit from push notifications

Idle is a blockchain-based rebalancing mechanism that lets users control their digital asset distribution across several DeFi protocols. Idle relies on its community to submit governance recommendations to upgrade its protocol and processes in order to adapt to the ever-changing trends in the crypto world while maintaining the protocol decentralized and community-driven.

Those who are affected should be notified about the coordination process if new ideas for upgrading the IDLE protocol or processes are made in this area. The network’s community must also be informed of the changes that might be expected. All of these players rely exclusively on Twitter, Telegram, and other third-party media for updates due to a lack of a viable communication route, causing friction with the network and eventually reducing engagement rates.

This is where the collaboration between IDLE and EPNS can change the rules of the game: Decentralized push notifications offer the network a reliable means of effectively delivering timely updates on its network governance offerings to its community members.

Features of this Partnership

Through EPNS collaboration with IDLE, they aim to create a reliable communication tool for stakeholders and the community to actively drive the protocol in the direction that best suits them. Users can now subscribe to push notifications of IDLE management updates directly on their mobile device. You can also expect:

· Information on all new governance proposals in the IDLE network.

· Updates to the voting process with actionable links that encourage stakeholder engagement.

· Updates to the community on decisions made during the voting process.

· Information about the implementation of changes and the future of the inactive network.

As IDLE works to rebalance assets and maximize interest rates and returns for its users, EPNS looks forward to working with them to take another important step in streamlining the on-chain governance process and creating a decentralized communication layer for the web to do.

About IDLE

Idle is a decentralized rebalancing protocol that enables users to automatically and algorithmically manage their digital asset allocation between various third-party DeFi protocols. You can choose to maximize interest income with a best return strategy or minimize your exposure with a risk-adjusted strategy.

Idle operates on a DAO governance model with inactive leagues created as child DAOs. All individual contributors are elected by inactive token holders.

About Ethereum Push Notification Service

EPNS is a decentralized notification protocol that enables users (wallet addresses) to receive notifications. Using the protocol, any dApp, service, or smart contract can send notifications to users in a platform-agnostic fashion (mobile, tablet, web, user wallets, etc).



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