EPNS and Aragon have teamed up to provide unstoppable Decentralized Governance

Samson Dogo
2 min readSep 6, 2021


When it comes to Web3 and decentralized protocols on distributed ledgers, the governance structures are crucial to their decentralization. Now, digital communities without territorial boundaries on Ethereum has been constructed, but with time, it becomes more difficult to manage on-chain. There has never been a greater demand for user-friendly governance tools and infrastructure.

Aragon is constructing the Web3 governance infrastructure. Decentralized organizations with different governance models, gasless voting, and dispute resolution are now possible because to their plug-in modules. These enable communities to collaborate in a non-permissioned, censorship-resistant manner.

EPNS is pleased to announce a collaboration with Aragon to provide users with decentralized push notifications. EPNS will integrate with Aragon Govern, Aragon Court, and Aragon Client for our pilot program with Aragon.

Create a notification channel — activities connected to governance will send push alerts to all token holders. This will keep everyone informed about the protocol’s future and where it is headed:

  • Aragon Govern — Token holders will be alerted when transactions are scheduled, contested, and completed, ensuring that they are fully informed of the organization’s activities.
  • Aragon Court — Guardians will be alerted when they are drafted, when their vote is necessary, and when a disagreement is resolved.
  • To encourage the community to actively engage in DAO governance, Aragon Client — token holders will be alerted at every stage of the proposal lifecycle: when a proposal is produced, when voting is necessary, and when the conclusion is enacted.

Custom governance should be included. Integrated Call to Action (CTA) allows the receiver of the message to easily vote or indicate their choice directly on the notifications interface.

Integrating Ethereum’s communication architecture with essential governance infrastructure will be critical for the future of governance and will make it more user-friendly.

EPNS look forward to the chance to further enhance their protocol’s governance by collaborating with the Aragon team and utilizing the finest tools available to establish robust governance processes.

About Aragon

Aragon is a decentralized governance platform for Web3 communities and organizations.

All inside the open-source stack, you can deploy a DAO, manage your community, arbitrate disputes, and execute enterprise-level voting.

Over 1800 DAOs are using Aragon to develop Web3 communities and organizations.

For initiatives like API3, Aave, Curve, and Decentraland, our contracts have secured hundreds of millions of dollars in locked money and have transacted over $4 billion in value.

About EPNS

EPNS is a decentralized notification protocol that allows users to receive notifications via their wallet addresses. Any dApp, service, or smart contract can utilize the protocol to provide platform-agnostic alerts to users (mobile, tablet, web, user wallets, etc).



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