EasyFi on Binance Smart Chain — An update

  • Greatly improve EasyFi’s interoperability and cross-chain capabilities and enable faster, efficient and cost-effective inter-chain transactions between our protocols on various blockchains.
  • Open new opportunities as a digital asset ecosystem to build innovative and intuitive lending products and services for the Binance ecosystem.
  • Promote wider composability and interactions between different dApps on the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem.
  1. BSC Bridge Integration — Token transfers on Binance Smart Chain happen through a token canal or Bridge built on BSC. This is by far the fastest way to bring cross-chain assets to Binance Smart chain. It is a service that provides access to inter-blockchain liquidity between BSC and other chains, including Ethereum-based Decentralized Apps. This will allow users to exchange assets, and transfer them in and out of varied blockchains to the Binance chain ecosystem.
  • Bridge liquidity across chains through our protocol which is also available on Polygon and Ethereum networks.
  • This integration will also allow seamless conduit connecting the Ethereum and Binance smart chain ecosystems together.
  • Enable our users to transfer their $EASY and other tokens in and out of the Binance Ecosystem effortlessly and seamlessly.
  • The users of EasyFi’s products and services such as staking, farming, lending will be able to move collaterals to and from the chains we are deployed on, to our BSC based protocol.
  • Expand the horizons for EASY token holders, with the inclusion of the growing ecosystem of ERC20 and Non-ERC20 pegged assets on Binance Smart Chain.
  • It will be compatible with Ethereum ERC-20 token standard (as well as Binance BEP20) thus enabling seamless cross-chain exchanges of EASY tokens between chains.
  • It will allow other tokens and applications — such as wallets, DEXs and dApps — within the BSC network, to function with our DeFi protocol.
  • It expands the reach of EASY tokens to multiple DeFi ecosystems on BSC and also maximises collateral options for the money markets on our protocol.



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Samson Dogo

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