EasyFi and Injective Protocol Launch Layer-2 Decentralized Derivatives Lending Markets

Bullet Points

  • With Injective Protocol’s tokenized derivatives as collateral markets, EasyFi will be introducing new markets to the lending module of the App.
  • EasyFi will collaborate with Injective’s exchange ecosystem to list derivative assets focused on stocks (Stock Futures).
  • Stock futures for Amazon, Tesla, GameStop, and Twitter are currently available on Injective Exchange.
  • EasyFi and Injective will work together to add the above assets’ derivatives to EasyFi as collaterals.
  • Users who own these stock futures derivative tokens will contribute liquidity to EasyFi’s lending protocol’s supply side and borrow assets from the borrow side.
  • The collateralization ratios for each tokenized stock derivative will be determined soon and announced via the various channels.

About Injective Protocol

About INJ

About EasyFi



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