Everyone should buckle up as they cross the threshold of a new technological age. Nobody can stop you from using what we have developed to test future DeFi strategies.

Unilend recently announced that its permissionless flash iteration is on the way. This has caught the Unilend community’s attention, and many want more information on how instant loans are more profitable and advantageous than existing alternatives.


You may be wondering how you can benefit from being part of our technological change. Unilend Flash Credits have four main functions that most users can join and take advantage of.

1. The first option allows users to provide liquidity to holding groups. These are known as “deposits.”

2. The second option, “Rewards,” allows both projects and users to add rewards for all liquidity providers. This could be gambling or coin rewards from a platform/protocol or any other type of reward that people want to give away. These prizes will be distributed through the Auto Staking Prize Pool.

3. The next feature is “Airdrop,” an exciting new feature that allows anyone to instantly launch tokens for everyone in the group. The allocation of these Airdrop tokens is based on the users’ liquidity put in at that particular point in time. There are many useful ways to combine this function with the Unilend platform.

4. Finally, there will be a function called “Withdraw” for withdrawing liquidity.


An unfortunate aspect of previous flash credit iterations has always been that these older protocols could only offer users a limited range of flash loans as their protocols only supported limited tokens. But UniLend is really permissionless. This means that the flash loan feature for every coin on the market can be unlocked.

Unlike the main competitors, who only provide access to 20–30 assets, Unilend users can get Flash Loans with more than 6000 assets in the market. UniLend users can redeem Flash Loans with any asset for new and unimaginable use cases as long as liquidity is available. Also, on the Unilend platform, users can use liquidity staking on flash loans.

Staking has become more and more relevant for projects in recent years. Some projects offer stakeholders benefits such as rewards, subscriptions, and even early access to new tokens on their platform. Although staking traditionally ties users’ capital to stake contracts, stakers now have more flexibility with UniLend.

Unilend iteration of Flash Loans not only provides staked tokens for use on the platform, but it also adds another source of reward/income for stakeholders so they can take advantage of some of the fees generated by Flash Loans.

In this case, users will receive 70% of the fees resulting from the flash loans. These rewards are distributed based on the percentage of each user group. The other 30% of the fees will go to the Unilend community, but our community will have to wait for more information on this topic, which will be available shortly.


Unilend fast loans are becoming more efficient and enabling more profitable DeFi strategies. For example, users can now create more lucrative flash credit arbitrage transactions on Ethereum. Additionally, our flash loans’ atomic nature and Unilend protocol do not offer any risk to liquidity providers.

In addition, UniLend will support innovative new token technologies such as elastic tokens and synthetic assets as these are not authorized. This means a much wider range of use cases and a higher demand for our technology stack and tokens.


UniLend needs to keep the limits of the mainstream DeFi tech stack, as you may have noted. The future that is developing is not just for whales but also for ordinary people. Opportunities will be provided soon for every token and every token holder, thanks to Unilend permissionless and interoperable protocol.

UniLend’s goal of understanding the true potential of decentralized finance is increasingly becoming a reality. Slowly developing flash loans functionality, but they’ll soon be enabled on mainnet and fully usable for all to use.


UniLend is a decentralized protocol that combines spot trading & money markets with lending and borrowing services through smart contracts.




Blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiast/ambassador

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Samson Dogo

Samson Dogo

Blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiast/ambassador

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