DeFi on Gets EPNS Push Notifications

With push notifications, you can better manage Maker Vaults and use Dai throughout DeFi.

Dai is regarded as one of the most trustworthy stablecoins because it is pegged to the US dollar and backed by MakerDAO-approved crypto collateral. Vaults (overcollateralized debt positions) can be opened with Dai using, which aspires to be the most reliable decentralized tool for interacting with the Maker Protocol and managing vaults. EPNS is excited to continue its research into push notification use cases by introducing a pilot program to give decentralized push alerts for monitoring Maker Vaults on, leveraging Dai. Maker Vault owners can now gain a trading advantage by receiving warnings when the price of an asset crosses a specific level, altering the collateralization ratio, and knowing when the Vault is about to be liquidated.

With and Maker Vaults, you can make the most of your DeFi opportunities and powered by Push Notifications

With a market worth of more than $5 billion, the Dai stablecoin is gaining popularity, notably in DeFi applications, where it is being used in a variety of ways to reduce price fluctuation. Through its easy user interface, is the most trustworthy way to access the Maker Protocol, allowing anybody to borrow and utilize Dai from anywhere.

By launching a Maker Vault, a deposit account for MakerDAO’s Dai, makes it simple to borrow Dai. Users can open a Vault, put collateral, and generate Dai against it after connecting their wallet to Oasis. Borrowers can pick from over 30 crypto collateral sources (such as ETH, WBTC, and USDT), with more introduced regularly, each with its own risk characteristics and minimum collateralisation ratios. Oasis integrates with over a half-dozen wallets, making it simple to collateralize Dai and borrow money with no set repayment period.

Managing DeFi services, on the other hand, necessitates a lot of cross-referencing of diverse sources and messages from many platforms, despite the lack of a single messaging service. Decentralized push notifications are one crucial component that is missing. users rely heavily on a notification service to assist them manage their Maker Vaults, which includes:

  1. When the Vault may be in risk of being liquidated due to a price drop on the next price update
  2. When the Vault reaches a specified collateralization ratio at which you want to take action, such as buying more collateral or repaying.
  3. When Maker Governance modifies risk parameters that affect a Vault you own, such as Stability Fees or Debt Ceiling adjustments.

Though makes it easier to use the Maker Protocol, the lack of a decentralized push notification service has resulted in essential notifications being sent to several locations, including email, Twitter, and Telegram. All notifications would be sent to the wallet, allowing all platform users to receive and act on vital DeFi notifications while maintaining data privacy when users interact with internal and external data sources.

The EPNS decentralized push notification service distributes timely messages to investors’ wallets through a single point of communication. All Maker Vault notifications will be delivered straight to the user’s wallet, allowing them to follow vault positions and take rapid action. EPNS is the first native, on-chain notification service that sends all critical, time-sensitive data to a user’s wallet. The following are some of the advantages of the cooperation for users:

All data notifications will be sent directly to user wallets through EPNS.

The EPNS and teams will customize the EPNS protocol to fit the demands of Dai users in DeFi markets.

EPNS channels and users can tailor their notification settings to meet their own needs.

Decentralized notifications will offer Vault owners with real-time Maker Vault data, allowing all users to act quickly and benefit from real-time information on all their open Vaults. Meanwhile, all users can continue to use’s private, secure ecosystem across all DeFi services without having to deal with the hassles of integrating several protocols.

About is where you’ll find everything you need to get things done with Dai. Oasis is a decentralized application based on the Ethereum blockchain that aspires to be the most trusted software for accessing the Maker protocol, receiving Dai, and deploying capital into DeFi in general. For everyone, Dai is a better, smarter digital currency. It is the world’s first unbiased money, with a value that reflects the US Dollar. As a result, it is free of the volatility that plagues many other digital currencies.

About Ethereum Push Notification Service

EPNS (Ethereum Push Notification Service) is a decentralized notification system that allows any smart contract, dApp, or even traditional service to deliver notifications to wallet addresses that have opted in to receive them from that specific service.