CyberFi’s mission is to leverage the DeFi 2.0 experience and add a new infrastructure layer through automation. The platform users will experience stress-free, automated DeFi trading, farming, revenue generation, lower fees, and impermanent loss mitigation tools.

CyberFi announces a partnership with Matic Network to create a DeFi 2.0 automation platform that will allow users to quickly and easily manage their UX and UI assets powered by an intelligent asset management automation system. The Layer 2 solutions will pave the way for the future of DeFi and DAPP. Matic will be the first integration partner as a Layer 2 solution.

Matic Network is a top layer 2 platform with dozens of projects already started and more in the construction phase. Technically speaking, this is one of the best solutions in the entire crypto market for nonstop TX over the huge GAS costs of the current Ethereum network.


  • Scalability through a decentralized plasma operator
  • • Sidechain tree architecture for 65k TPS and high network utilization
  • • A wallet ecosystem that supports UX and Matic Network seamlessly
  • • Security through a large decentralized network of participants and delegates that support the Matic POS system.
  • • Interoperability and liquidity between chains for seamless layer 2 interactions

CyberFi will integrate the Matic Network into its platform. The automation platform will have a native Layer 2 solution that allows users to save enormously on gas prices and participate in the incredible Matic ecosystem. As the DeFi space continues to grow, the potential for layer 2 solutions continues to grow. Plus, they are much better suited to the mass market killer adoption filling applications that crypto enthusiasts are so excited about. The future of the crypto space is making digital assets an integral part of applications.

Following the public beta release with $CFi holders with exclusive access to new risk management features for first-time DeFi users:

1. Cross limit orders,

2. LP management,

3. Automatic exit and automatic entry for LP tokens according to basic price movements,

4. Automatic exit from yield Farming and liquidity mining activities.

With a much more versatile approach to automating asset management, CyberFi is now fully focused on the platform’s V2 version.


One of the biggest issues with adoption is targeting incentives and providing a technology layer that will facilitate crypto users’ interoperability. There is great potential in offering ETH users an easy way to enter other blockchains, in which they can easily switch networks without technological barriers and join without technological risk. Integrating with Matic Network will solve this and other problems.


1. Cross-chain automation with support from $CFi and use of the full Matic network. Transfer money and join Matic Dapps on the CyberFi platform.

2. Cross-Chain Liquidity Collection: Direct funds through Matic or trading on the Matic Network with multiple sources of liquidity and atomic swaps.

3. Layer 2 DeFi is at your fingertips. Install the ETH and automatically take part in Matic DeFi projects, Staking, Vault, and Farming.

Not only will these features lead to the launch of Matic, but they will also add value to CFi owners and fuel the growth of the CyberFi platform.



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