Cryption is developing a user-friendly suite of crypto goods for the average retail investor, including a DEX, wallet, prediction markets, and liquidity mining options.

EasyFi’s overarching aim of giving DeFi users yield maximization options while also making lending, borrowing, and mass crypto adoption easier meshes nicely with the Cryption network ecosystem’s product and vision.

EasyFi believes this collaboration would provide DeFi users and holders of EZ and CNT (Cryption’s native token) with many new prospects.

The highlight of the Partnership

· From the start, EasyFi will look into collaborative incentivization opportunities for both communities to pledge their holding tokens — EZ and/or CNT — in exchange for additional of the same or partner tokens.

· With a time-bound lock-in, this would try to remove significant amounts of EZ and CNT from circulation while also aiming to increase overall returns based on the restricted supplies.

· By leveraging one other’s platforms, EasyFi will introduce users to each other’s ecosystems and enable them to explore more high yield maximizing opportunities further.

· EasyFi and Cryption will also look at several standard product connectors. EasyFi, for example, may work with PolyDEX, Cryption’s AMM DeFi exchange, to provide triple farming rewards and high APYs. The connection will give the market greater exposure and EZ liquidity, which will benefit DEX traders.

· Cryption, on the other hand, works with EasyFi on the staking and farming modules, allowing CNT holders to receive EZ reward tokens.

· EasyFi will also integrate with the Cryption Mobile app, allowing users to take advantage of Cryption’s maximum security, zero friction, and on-the-go trading.

· EZ will gain a new feature as a result of this Partnership and integration with Cryption.

CNT is the native token of Cryption Network, with a maximum quantity of 100,000,000 coins. CNT is a utility token that was created to motivate people to supply liquidity to their exchange. Token ownership comes with voting rights to aid in the governance of the network. CNT will also be necessary to access membership-only product features like customized portfolio strategies, exclusive access to groups, bet creation on Seer, and protocol governance.

About Cryption Network

Cryption Network is a breakthrough platform that addresses all of the flaws in the DeFi and crypto ecosystems to provide consumers with the best possible services and promote widespread crypto adoption. The critical issue that Cryption Network is working to fix is the cryptocurrency market’s instability.

Yield Farming and its substantial range of solutions include PolyDEX L2 Swap, Elastic Farming, Deflation of CNT, Seer, Cryption Wallet, Non-Custodial Portfolio Management, Ether Rush, while DeFi Stack and NFTs are helping the platform achieve that goal.

About EasyFi

EasyFi is scalability, composability, and adoption-focused universal layer 2 lending protocol designed for DeFi. It was created as an open and inclusive financial network architecture that runs on public networks and allows for end-to-end lending and borrowing of digital assets and related financial products. EasyFi is based on the principles of permissionless networks and smart contract automation.


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