Oasis is the premier Layer-1 blockchain with built-in privacy features designed to facilitate the next development of DeFi. Since its inception, the Oasis ecosystem has grown in strength, drawing a strong and friendly community of developers eager to create the next generation of DeFi apps.

The Oasis Network is extremely flexible, allowing developers to construct distinct ParaTimes for a specific requirement, such as confidential computing or usage in a permissioned or permissionless solution, or to build next-generation DApps on an ecosystem made up of unique ParaTimes. But that’s not all: the Oasis Network has taken on the issue of rising gas fees front-on, drastically lowering transaction costs. Low gas fees, which are an astounding 99% lower than Ethereum, allow developers to create commercially feasible and affordable DApps.

If app creation isn’t your thing, you may earn up to 20% by staking ROSE tokens which is the native token of the Oasis Network, to help finance the Oasis Network’s upkeep.

This may build-up to a substantial amount of passive revenue depending on the length of time staked.

Parcel provides privacy

Parcel is a privacy-first data governance SDK developed over the Oasis Network to provide app users total control and ownership of their data.

The SDK’s key features include:

1. The ability to automatically implement data ownership and access policies across a single application of an entire organization.

2. A more user-friendly interface than in a normal smart contract environment, making development more straightforward.

3. Because Typescript is available, the Parcel SDK may be effortlessly integrated into your development flow without the need to learn a new custom language or sophisticated smart contract systems.

4. It comes with a built-in dispatcher that makes setting up an isolated environment for privacy-preserving computing a breeze.

5. A tamper-proof, immutable record of activities that ensures user data is never abused

With capabilities like the ones described above, it’s no surprise that Oasis is quickly becoming the sole viable option for developers; nevertheless, developers can construct backward-compatible smart contracts using EVM and Rust-based Paratimes. Alternatively, as seen below, the whole Solidity toolchain may be used to quickly construct DApps and write smart contracts.

Construct an Ethereum Dapp

The Oasis Ethereum ParaTime is completely compatible with today’s Ethereum applications and, as previously stated, far outperforms the Ethereum mainnet in terms of performance.

· Support for the Ethereum Virtual Machine and the Solidity toolchain is complete.

· Gas costs are 99 percent less than Ethereum’s.

· Compared to Ethereum, it is far more efficient and performs better, with throughputs that are orders of magnitude amazing 6 second confirmation time.

· An easy-to-use web-based development environment that allows you to create apps whenever and anywhere you choose.

Because of the simplicity of developing on the Oasis Network, the great community has created a continuously growing collection of fantastic development and network tools to monitor the Oasis Network, automate node creation, and more.

About Oasis Network

The Oasis Network is the first privacy-enabled blockchain platform for open finance and a responsible data economy designed for the next generation of blockchain. The Oasis Network, with its high throughput and secure design, can enable private, scalable DeFi, reinventing open finance and bringing it to a wider audience than traders and early adopters. Its unique privacy features have the potential to not only redefine DeFi but also to create a new type of digital asset known as Tokenized Data, which will allow users to take control of the data they generate and earn rewards for staking it with apps, resulting in the first-ever responsible data economy.




Blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiast/ambassador

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Samson Dogo

Samson Dogo

Blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiast/ambassador

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