Bluzelle partners with Reblock to expand into Korea.

With the introduction of the mainnet version of the Bluzelle, new products on the way, and the Bluzelle NFT collection, it is time to focus on new geographic dimensions to expand the Bluzelle ecosystem. The South Korean market is one of the fastest growing crypto markets with a very active crypto user base.
To open up new markets, it is very important that Bluzelle localize their content and offerings so that both token holders and developers are familiar with Bluzelle’s great products. It is important to clearly communicate ideas and visions to increase the success of the product offerings and increase overall profit. To maximize their impact, Bluzelle partners with Reblock, a leading Korean marketing company that specializes in crypto. Reblock has extensive experience in promoting the best blockchain projects in Korea. These include FLOW, the blockchain behind the mega hit NBA Top Shot, and IOTA, the blockchain for IOT.

With Reblock, Bluzelle will have a local Korean BLZ community running AMAs, special events, and more to encourage higher levels of community involvement. This will help improve the overall Bluzelle profile in Korea.

Bluzelle will continue its ongoing efforts to explore new markets and unexplored regions. The community plays an important role in Bluzelle’s movement toward mainstream adoption. With this new population group, Bluzelle is ready to create a solid foundation for the future of a decentralized Internet.

About Bluzelle
Bluzelle aims to be the data layer for Web 3.0 by providing a tamper-proof, decentralized data network that offers more data protection, scalability, and ease of use than conventional solutions. With the support of Cosmos, Bluzelle administers 10,000 TPS and is evidence of delegated participation. Bluzelle DeFi solutions are developed to extend Defi with historical price streams, provide data analytics, 360-degree views, and more. As DeFi grows, Bluzelle’s infrastructure services play an important role.

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