Bluzelle is the first data layer for Web 3.0 by providing a decentralized data network that is tamper-proof and offers more excellent data protection, scalability, and availability than traditional solutions. Bluzelle works with Cosmos and handles 10,000 TPS. This is an authorized proof of engagement. Bluzelle DeFi solutions have been developed to enhance Defi with historical price streams, provide data analytics, 360-degree views, and more. As DeFi grows, Bluzelle’s infrastructure services play an essential role.

Up till now, Bluzelle-Soft-Mainnet has successfully passed the 1,500,000 block height. With the team working hard and determination, we are proud to announce that the new testnet is now ready for public testing. This is an example of a network fork to the leading production network.

The best mainet upgrade strategy was chosen that only requires validators to upgrade. The strategy significantly reduces efforts to retire and reposition tokens for agents while maintaining accurate application logs during migration.

Bluzelle celebrates little milestone with its community as they gave updates on the accomplishments on the progress on the mainnet

Development update

The Bluzelle team plays an essential role in the Tendermint / COSMOS ecosystem. They believe that contributing to the ecosystem by identifying bugs and issues will help make the Bluzelle network more secure. In addition to the significant bugs we discovered during the Swarm of Duty campaign in July, they have identified and fixed others over the past few months. These include:

  • Consensus error after hard fork (read more)
  • • Don’t branch a network with a small number of validators (read more)
  • • Bad behavior on TX queries when the limit is over 100 (read on)
  • • Unicode was displayed in response to transaction requests (read on)
  • • Incorrect help text in Cosmos SDK (read more)
  • • Errors that cause the blood cell bridge to stop working in some cases

We have also implemented many other new features to improve the usability, user experience, and security of the Bluzelle Network, including:

• Network rigid fork support added

• Added SSL support for all protections

• Added support for SSL in BigDipper and Census. This means that all aspects of the Bluzelle network and the Bluzelle interface are encrypted with HTTPS.

• Update of prison criteria. This includes allowing more missing blocks and giving validators more breathing room before blocking them.

• A new advanced gas algorithm makes it economically possible to make “permanent” leases for data storage. Additionally, there is a reasonable price for database storage for existing databases in the cloud.

• A network upload control module has been added. This will be one of the foundation’s long-term sources of income.

• Advanced new client support for BluzelleDB enables the search for prefixed keys and filtering key-value pairs based on data owners.

• Process grouping support. In this way, hundreds and thousands of requests can be sent in a single atomic transaction. This increases the TPS (transactions per second) of the Bluzelle by many sizes. It is essential to compete with competing networks that do not have a built-in blockchain.

• The new BluzelleStudio is Visual Data Explorer for developers and will be available to everyone in the few weeks to come.

• More security measures have been taken to make the blood cell bridge more resistant to failures caused by the networks with which it interacts.

Despite our ambitious schedule, we overcame obstacles and made a big leap forward. However, we anticipate the following items will be completed before the mainnet is released:

Run a new public testnet in parallel with all of the new features and bug fixes mentioned above. Public examiners are invited to take part in the tests. This will take at least two to three weeks to work smoothly and without errors.

Final test of the hard fork support. Corenet validators are invited to a series of “trials”.

Final Bluzellel bridge test (especially for the bank code conversion, which is carried out manually every day at the start, the BNT conversion takes place automatically)

BLZ Token Naming Update

As we all know, Blouzelle has a double token system. One is an Ethereum-based token, the other is our native Cosmos-based token. We decided to standardize the names of both symbols as follows.

Original: BLZ (based on Ethereum) <> BNT (local)

Current: ERC20 BLZ (Ethereum-based) <> BLZ (local)

The name”BNT” is removed, and now both tokens are called BLZ, which identifies the ERC20 token as such. This will help avoid confusion between the Bluzelle network and others and better spread our brand in the crypto community.

Start of hard fork trial

This will be the most exciting part! A real hard fork will be a highly coordinated event where all mainnet validators must perform the action together in a short window. Otherwise, you risk crashing and cutting yourself.

Now everyone is invited to their mainnet validators to get a trial! You will need to join our new public test network and hard fork multiple times within the specified period.

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