Bluzelle is a decentralized database for Web3 supported by a fault-tolerant Byzantine private blockchain group specifically for database operations. The advanced data distribution network promises to protect businesses from data breaches, network outages, and performance issues. Bluzelle acts as an “Airbnb database” where developers pay for storage space and read/write access to the decentralized database. Safe, tamper-proof, censorship-proof, and highly scalable, Bluzelle is currently developing data sources and oracles for the next stage of its evolution to achieve a faster, more secure Internet.

The decentralized data network Bluzelle confirmed that its mainnet launch will take place on February 3. The first appearance of the Bluzelle Network marks the arrival of decentralized storage with large-scale, ultra-low latency, and industry-changing anti-censorship features.

With Bluzelle, dApps can securely store their data on any blockchain without relying on central data centers. Bluzelle’s leading network of software was launched in August. It has now exceeded 2 million blocks and is widely used by the Bluzelle community. The mainnet is already used by various teams that want to create real applications that can take advantage of the Bluzelle database.

The launch of the main Bluzelle network follows the success of two incentive testing networks last July (Swarm of Duty 1) and December (Swarm of Duty 2), and stress testing their networks for bugs, weaknesses, etc., and proven in battle. Bluzelle has set industry records with over 200 validators who have chosen to join these test networks.

Once the Bluzelle mainnet has started, Polkadot integration will continue to make it interoperable with all other blockchains. Bluzelle offers decentralized database functions for projects based on the Polkadot substrate framework and enables dApps to store and access their data in a decentralized way. Bluzelle’s previous partners in the Polkadot ecosystem have included Equilibrium, MANTRA DAO, and Phala Network. Bluzelle’s database services will be available on Polkadot’s mainnet and the testnet’s counterpart, Kusama. Both Polkadot DOT tokens and Kusama KSM tokens can be paid for Bluzelle services.

In summary, a lot of improvements were made in the security and speed of Soft Mainnet:

More flexibility for inspectors with updated prison criteria

Optimized gas algorithm and control module for ideal and equitable economic use of the network and healthier income sources for the community

Support for batch processing of transactions, which significantly improves TPS (transactions per second) for the network. TPS is a decisive competitive advantage for our core network.

Many security measures make the Bluzelle bridge more resistant to malfunctions from the various networks it interacts with.

Features of Mainnet

Block Rewards: Validators receive a portion of the volume fees for each block.

Slash: Bad manners verifiers will be locked up and cut off. This ensures that auditors are encouraged to act responsibly.

Bluzelle bridge: The transition from the local bank code to the ERC20 bank code is opened. This function is first used in manual mode. It will go into automatic mode when it runs smoothly in the new home network environment.

Customer support for DApps and other BluzelleDB users: This allows you to search for standard keys and filter key/value pairs by subject, paging, and other advanced features. These functions make Bluzelle a competing database and make DB suitable for serious production software.

Countdown to the mainnet

The exact block height for the mainnet start will be announced shortly, with only 15 days left!

Bluzelle is a delegated dPoS (Proof of Stake) blockchain-powered by Cosmos and the BFT Tendermint Consensus Engine, capable of processing 10,000 transactions per second and working together on each chain. It will also involve massively expanding the network’s storage capacity by adding several blockchains that span different parts of the world and are linked together by the Bluzelle blockchain. These zones allow the Bluzelle’s TPS to be fast, but more importantly, the storage capacity of the Bluzelle can be scaled almost infinitely.

In the next phase of the Bluzelle development after the main network launch, the first Bluzelle next-generation oracles will be further developed. The developer grant program will be expanded. These Bluzelle-specific oracles are registered directly on the blockchain and use a multi-layer mathematical filtering process in terms of accuracy and integrity to provide Oracle data sources that are superior to those currently available.

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