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Since its inception and successful integration into the market, Unilend has already taken the first step with its public sales peak.

The Bluzelle network announced a partnership with UniLend Finance to increase DeFi adoption while focusing on innovative ways to create more value for society.

Bluzelle is an interoperable, high-performance, multi-functional, decentralized data that attracts services and has strong ties with some of the most remarkable industries in the blockchain network. The UniLend-Bluzelle partnership is the latest partnership that will prove to be very beneficial for everyone involved in the ecosystem.


UNILEND is a totally unauthorized DeFi protocol that combines spot trading services and credit/credit functions on a specific platform. The UniLend platform aims to open the DeFi domain for Erc-20 tokens worth nearly 29 billion US dollars, which are currently unable to work with DeFi to achieve higher throughput within the environment.

Given that the current DeFi only approves around 30 assets, UniLend leaves room for everyone to list Erc-20 assets on their platform for profitable decentralized trading or credit/lending activity.

Bluzzelle is said to be the innovative data layer for Web3.0 by providing a decentralized data management network that is tamper-proof, transparent, secure, highly scalable, and efficient compared to previous conventional solutions.

It is a delegated proof of stake, supported by Cosmos, and developed with up to 10,000 TPS capacity. The solution developed by Bluzelle is to improve DeFi by providing historical price streams, 360-degree views, data analysis, and much more.


Bluzelle infrastructure plays an essential role in the development of DeFi. In addition to being the data access layer for Web 3.0, unique BLZ tokens have been listed on several high profile exchanges, including CEX’s Binance and Huobi. Unfortunately, until this partnership is announced, it is still challenging to make Blz loans and lending decentralized.

Through UniLend, users in the ecosystem will not only be limited to trading tokens. Still, they will also offer credit and loan services and provide liquidity for interest, while in UFT, they will be rewarded for using the protocol.

It is an incredible experience that the UniLend platform was an early participant in the testing of the new Oracle solution, based on Bluzelle’s own decentralized database and offering maximum security, speed, and unrivaled pricing.

In this partnership, Chandresh Aharwar, the CEO and co-founder of the UniLend platform, said they believe the next evolution in distributed finance will be integrating the participants and the various existing resources that users want to use in DeFi. UniLend is focused on making this happen and taking significant strides in innovation. DeFi Industry to achieve.

The partnership between Bluzelle and UniLend will be of great benefit and positively impact the retail experience. In addition to trading BLZ tokens, traders can also perform credit/credit functions and earn incredible rewards for providing liquidity on the platform with BLZ tokens.

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