Bluzelle and PolkaFoundry have teamed together to help speed DeFi adoption with simple oracle and NFT solutions

Bluzelle is returning with a brand new collaboration to advance its aim of being the storage layer for the creative economy, following some significant technology improvements. Bluzelle has partnered with PolkaFoundry, the ultimate DeFi DApp manufacturing hub.

Bluzelle will provide access to PolkaFoundry’s DApps via its native oracle solutions, as well as ramp up the NFT game via its NFT storage solutions, as part of this strategic alliance. Furthermore, this cooperation will combine the best of both DeFi and NFTs, making it a match made in Crypto Heaven for unlocking the real potential of financial assets to drive adoption.

Bluzelle and PolkaFoundry will collaborate to provide new technology solutions to enable DApps

With Bluzelle, you can be confident that data will remain an essential component of the current financial environment because nearly every minor application accesses real-world data for its smooth functioning. One of the main ways that DApps develop to obtain trustworthy, accurate, and real-time on-chain data without much trouble is to fetch data through external oracles.

PolkaFoundry will use Bluzelle’s oracle solutions to enable DApps in its ecosystem as a DeFi production hub. Bluzelle will integrate its safe and decentralized oracle solution into PolkaFoundry’s ecosystem as part of this agreement to protect DApps against network outages, data breaches, malicious data assaults, and inaccuracies. Bluezelle’s oracles and data feeding services may be used by DApps to power the data economy in the dynamic DeFi environment and validate data for improved accuracy and dependability.

Bluzelle’s NFT storage solutions can help DApps in the PolkaFoundry ecosystem, allowing users to store NFTs in a decentralized way without censorship, therefore improving privacy. Bluzelle is diving into the NFT field with cutting-edge technology, storing some of the hottest NFTs on the market. While increasing its use cases, it is interested in forming collaborative NFT collaborations to help the present NFT environment gain traction.

About PolkaFoundry

On Polkadot, PolkaFoundry is a platform for creating borderless and seamless DeFi dApps. It aspires to be a one-stop production center for DeFi dApps, providing all of the essential features, services, integrations, and tools for DeFi experiments, innovations, and real-world solutions.

About Bluzelle

Bluzelle is a creator and economy decentralized storage network. Bluzelle provides unsurpassed security, unrivaled availability, and censorship resistance. Bluzelle safeguards the intellectual property of all creators, whether they are artists, musicians, scientists, publishers, or developers. When you keep your creation on Bluzelle, you can be certain that it will always be available, at any time, and without concern.




Blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiast/ambassador

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Samson Dogo

Samson Dogo

Blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiast/ambassador

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