Blockchain of People launching on Polygon was launched in late 2019. Initially they concentrated on deploying MVP solution for smart sports contracts, with an emphasis on football. MVP was completed and put on the market in May 2020. They constructed a link. The bridge connects emerging countries such as Africa and South America with mature markets such as Europe and North America.

MVP offers powerful capabilities that allow clubs to connect directly and make an agreement, resulting in a completely digitized smart contract on the blockchain by simultaneously moving the player between clubs. This system employs a private blockchain to protect data and keep club-to-club transactions confidential.

It has a number of advantages, including lower legal costs and the elimination of superfluous middlemen. With verified transparent data, it establishes trust around the digital player profile.
Despite the challenges, some players were transferred between teams, and the first smart contracts were signed.

The new idea: as an exclusive sports platform

Now, they are pushing forward with the new concept and re-constructing the bridge. This time, it’s with Polygon and on Ethereum, a public blockchain.

Their special platform for athletes allows them to create and distribute their own digital material to their adoring fans. It brings together athletes, companies, and collectors in the search for future stars and their rich collections, which might be worth millions of dollars soon.
With the capacity to tokenize contracts and a novel authentication technique we’ve trademarked — Blockchain of People — we’re propelling the NFT business ahead (TM)

Polygon.Technology to the rescue

Regardless of how fantastic Ethereum is, each blockchain transaction costs roughly 30–50 dollars. That is why we chose Polygon because it is currently the best L2 solution available.
The kind gesture received from the Polygon (previously Matic) staff, as well as the degree of support received too, was incredible. Blocsport is excited to continue our work and produce their first NFT, which will be available soon on and token can be bought on Uniswap here:




Blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiast/ambassador

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Samson Dogo

Samson Dogo

Blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiast/ambassador

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