Announcing the integration of EASY on the Binance Bridge

  • increase interoperability between different blockchains
  • allow a digital asset owner to convert their crypto assets into (and back from) Binance Smart Chain wrapped tokens.

2 Ways to Transfer EASY to Binance Smart Chain

  1. Install your extension wallet; it can be Binance Extension Wallet or MetaMask
  2. Go to
  3. The V2 version is selected by default, if not, please change the selection to V2 (top right)
  • Daily limit per address is 5,924.17 EASY
  • The minimum amount per transaction is 2.314 EASY
  • The maximum amount per transaction is 500 EASY
  • ZERO gas fees for a short period of time on transfers to BSC beginning 25/March

How does the Bridge Integration help?

  • It will help to bridge liquidity between our protocols on Polygon, Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.
  • The integration will allow seamless conduit of EASY in and out of the Ethereum and Binance smart chain ecosystems.
  • Usage of EasyFi’s staking, farming and lending programs will become effortless and seamless.
  • Open opportunities for EASY token holders on the growing ecosystem on Binance Smart Chain.



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