The Oasis Protocol Foundation is pleased to announce a new partnership with Knit Finance to bring DeFi to the masses. The association will integrate Oasis Network’s ROSE tokens with Knit Finance’s Multichain platform and release packaged K-ROSE tokens that can be used for cross-chain transactions.

Oasis Network is a blockchain platform that provides data protection for open finance and responsible data management.

Knit Finance is a unique decentralized protocol that makes it easy to “ wrap” traditional and crypto assets into smart and secure contracts so they can be traded across multiple chains, bridges and real markets.

The Oasis Foundation…

For Blockchain networks and Blockchain-based projects, on-chain governance is crucial for managing and implementing change. For a good operation, however, all participants in the network must reach a consensus on the establishment, updating or abandonment of certain rules and processes within the ecosystem.

This can be especially difficult if there is no communication channel that brings everyone together and keeps them informed of changes made. That’s why EPNS have partnered with IDLE to send push notifications for your governance suggestions and updates, creating an unprecedented level of communication between contributors and the network.

How IDLE can benefit from push notifications

EasyFi Network is proud to bring Chainlink to the Ethereum mainnet due to this collaboration and bring advanced smart contract automation to all users.

EasyFi first released this integration on the Ethereum network, automation of time-linked vested contracts. Users can, for example, set the token authorization/distribution frequency during the consolidation time using this tool. The contracts are automatically implemented when the user specifies and sets this task without asserting a claim in the chain again.

Chainlink’s keepers use decentralized off-chain computing to consistently monitor and activate smart contract functions at a set rate without relying on an additional level of…

As the world has become increasingly worried about the environment, recent crypto debates have shifted their attention to the impact of cryptocurrencies on the environment. The impact of the Proof of Work (PoW) consensus method on the environment vs Proof of Stake (PoS), the consensus mechanism employed on the Oasis blockchain, is one of the current disputes in the community.

Even though this discussion has been going on for quite some time, it was Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s tweet that re-ignited it and rightfully so. His post indicated displeasure with the usage of fossil fuels in Bitcoin mining, and his…

COPPER WILL FACILITATE THE STAKING OF ROSE, THE OASIS NETWORK’S NATIVE UTILITY COIN., the leading digital asset custody and trading solutions supplier announced that the Oasis ROSE Token would be staking.

The Oasis Network is a rapidly growing ecosystem that comprises top-tier app developers, blockchain infrastructure teams, node operators, and institutions. A new blockchain separates the consensus and application layers, allowing for increased scalability, flexibility, and anonymity.

ROSE is the Oasis Network’s native utility and settlement token with a limited supply. On the Oasis consensus layer, the token is utilized for transaction fees, staking, and delegation. Stakers will be…

API3 is proud to announce a partnership with the Oasis Foundation to develop the Oasis Protocol, a privacy-friendly blockchain. API3 and the Oasis Foundation will jointly provide a grant to develop and test a Rust version of Airnode so that data providers running Airnode can provide data to projects built on the Oasis network.

Oasis intends to make DeFi more accessible to the general public by offering scalable transactions and the ability to tokenize personal data in addition to private smart contracts. The Oasis network features a one-of-a-kind design that divides computational consensus processes into two layers: the consensus layer…

Oasis Labs believe in creating technology that protects their privacy while allowing them to use the full value of their data. Auth3 is a privacy protection computer network that Parcel uses to gain full control over the data lifecycle. Auth3 network users can access features such as secure storage, data management, data tokenization etc.

Auth3 is a decentralized and reliable network based on an infrastructure protected by data-protection to enable and exchange data values. Auth3 aims to connect people and data from all over the world for Web 3.0. It helps people discover, add and share authenticated data. …

Anyone familiar with the Oasis Network will be aware that one of the most popular ParaTimes is Oasis-Eth. It’s fully compatible with Ethereum, but with cheaper gas prices and better throughput. If you are new to Oasis, Oasis-Eth is a wonderful place to start.

SecondState was one of ParaTime’s early contributors, but the Oasis-Eth ecosystem requires a committed foundation to help it flourish. We’re happy to announce the formation of ParaState, a new organization tasked with overseeing Oasis-day-to-day Eth’s maintenance and delivering on an exciting product roadmap for the ParaTime. …

Ecstatic to announce that Equalizer has partnered with Oasis Network, a privacy-enabled blockchain that is revolutionizing decentralized finance as we know it.

The DeFi revolution began with the Ethereum network, but it has now grown to encompass much more. Several blockchains address the issues that Ethereum and other older generation blockchains have. This is why DeFi is gaining traction across these next-generation blockchains, such as Oasis Network, which provide improved scalability, security, privacy, and a slew of other benefits.

Equalizer’s mission is to allow the functionality of simple flash loans across key blockchains that are advancing DeFi principles and applications…

Oasis is the premier Layer-1 blockchain with built-in privacy features designed to facilitate the next development of DeFi. Since its inception, the Oasis ecosystem has grown in strength, drawing a strong and friendly community of developers eager to create the next generation of DeFi apps.

The Oasis Network is extremely flexible, allowing developers to construct distinct ParaTimes for a specific requirement, such as confidential computing or usage in a permissioned or permissionless solution, or to build next-generation DApps on an ecosystem made up of unique ParaTimes. But that’s not all: the Oasis Network has taken on the issue of rising…

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