3rd Airdrop, v3 Upgrade, and more in April’s Hash Log

DxLaunch.v3 is now being scoped | DxLock v.2 is now being decommissioned in favor of a cross-chain, scalable utility solution

The scope of the next upgrade

  • BSC isn’t as quick as it should be, and the improved filters system needs a new approach so that users don’t have to wait as long to filter between active, inactive, effective, and failed presales.
  • To monitor output tickets, DxSale now uses project and service desk software. On the v3 contracts side of DeFi launchpad, there are two common tickets that need to be discussed.
  1. Presale Cancel: This situation happens when a developer is unable to complete the crowdsale contract due to his custom token, necessitating the intervention of a Dx Developer to cancel the presale on our DAO. We’ll build a decentralized version of this that allows the group to make decisions collectively.
  2. When IDOs fail, the BNB is stuck and cannot be claimed until DxTeam intervenes with a refund feature.

ETH-BSC Bridge

v3 Upgrade status

  • Decentralized Cancel & Refund solutioning has been completed and we are on-route for development
  • Buy & Burn model is still being analyzed to determine best solution
  • Smart Contract scanning tool integration for BSC — deal is being finalized with a vendor
  • Decrease in filtering loading time on the contract side
  • UX additions (connect network drop down, Sidebar information, DxLocker Improvements)



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